Who is PewDiePie?

The real name of PewDiePie is Felix Arvid Uf Ljellberg and he is s Swedish YouTuber. The one guy who has earned 100 million subscribers and broke the YouTube record. The one who competed with the T-Series and got the title of the second most followed person channel on YouTube. He initiated the simple YouTube channels as all do. He even used to delete his many videos but we all know that things take time. You have to be consistent and you get for which you struggle. The same thing happened to him. He was used to making videos which include playing games, scary videos and reacting on camera, etc. He was the one who showed the meaning of Real Celebrity.

Success Journey of PewDiePie:

PewDiePie started with simple videos as every YouTuber do. But he remained consistent and then he entered into the vlogs session. He also introduced content like scary videos, commentary videos, comedy, and many joke videos as well. Well, things went wrong and he lost his premium version of YouTube by the Wall Street Journal leaks. They pointed out that he has many Nazi jokes on his channel.

Well, his personality becomes controversial and the sudden dethroning added to it. That was not true he was not losing the subscriber to this reason but mainly due to the T-Series. However, this whole dramatic scene did not affect his channel much and his channel continued to grow and get subscribers.

9If you do not about T-Series, let me tell you. T-Series is the Indian YouTube channel. But, this channel has different content, this channel mainly includes Bollywood songs and music. This channel is very famous among all the people who understand Bollywood taste. The channel is uses to post many videos per day. This channel is under the provision of an entertainment company and they post about 4 to 7 videos per day. So, PewDiePie cannot meet this channel pace. But, in all these conditions he still made it gain more subscribers. His channel continued to grow but not like the T-Series.

T-Series has a strong force and organization of the set of people who daily work for it. The thousands of people are trying to add this channel. But, PewDiePie is the only one who manages his account but still competes swathe the force. The Content of his videos made him a king. He came to the ambassador of YouTube culture in recent years. Well, the haters remain to bark and you must have to focus on what you are doing. Apart from his all issues he still has enough self-referential fortress to appeal to people. Now all people want him to play Frontier with Ninja.

What is the Content of his Videos?


The things that make his channel appeal counts the Clickbait and Thumbnail. These are creative and attract the viewers toward his videos. Some people think that these are improper but most of them agree that this point attracts the viewers. He makes the amazing Thumbnails and he gives so much time to these Thumbnails to be creative. You must have to sacrifice your interest and things to pay for something you are working for. Success is not so easy if someone thinks it is like the piece of cake then I am sorry he is wrong.  

The Crying Games:

PewDiePie founder was the guy who started by shooting the game videos and he was not interested in fame. Those who start something only for money usually fail and you check it on YouTube as well. Many uploaders upload good content but people do not notice them. We, he was genuine during the gameplay his all emotions including cry, smile, scary reaction, and sad reactions, etc. everything was so much real. The real emotions gained the attention of people and finally, he got promoted.

Other Content:

He not only uploads the games videos, but his content also has variety. He also does the podcasts, plays indie games, reading comments, plays fan-made games, film collaboration videos with his wife and other YouTubers and vlogging too. His content is always fresh and unique. He provides different types of entertainment., You will never get bored of watching his videos. He knows how to entertain people of every mood. People want new things to watch and if did not do anything new people would not notice him. He has the affinity to grab any kind of interest.

What is the worth of PewDiePie?

Your tube’s latest earned list was made public on August 19, 2019. This list was based on the highest earned ranking and PewDiePie founder topped this list. He made a total of 6.5 million Euros per month and this makes per year 78.9 million Euros. Well, apart from this list in a video he told me that he makes about 3,400 Euros per hour. So, you can imagine how much he can earn from his YouTube channel.  

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