Oracle’s Upcoming Event to look up for

The event dubbed; Work Made Human: Innovation for the New Workplace scheduled for 13th April 2021 (10 am CEST/ 12 noon GST Americas on April 13 at 12 noon ET), is one to look up to. The focus will be on the human aspects of work and all are invited. You can register for the HCM virtual summit via the following link:[%E2%80%A6]hTile&intcmp=:ow:es:ba::::RC_WWMK210203P00071:EventSearchTile. There are two registration buttons, one for Americans and the other for the rest of the world. Be sure to click the one that suits you. Technology enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for the event and will be excited to hear experts in the field share their thoughts.

High Profile Speakers

As expected, the speakers are high-profile individuals and experts of the field coming to share their thoughts on the future of human resources. The event will start at 12 noon (EDT) time and will see Josh Bersin and Yvette Cameroon take up the first half an hour of the program. The former is a seasoned global independent analyst and will shed more light on the current state of HR. Yvette who’s the Snr. Vice president, HCM product strategy; Oracle will assist him in speaking about current trends that are changing the traditional HR practices.

It will be exciting to hear their opinion considering their high positions, experience, and perspective. You can be sure the two will challenge you with their thoughts and views regarding HR and the future of workplace practices.

12.30 pm to 1.15 pm will see a long list of experts take the stage. According to the program, these 45 minutes will see about 10 high-profile individuals engage. This segment will mainly focus on the future of HR. Today, most organizations are experiencing skill gaps, exclusions, lack of diversity, employee intolerance, and low motivation levels. This affects not only tech organizations, but also other industries at large. This segment will see these experts suggest and opinionate on the way forward. How we can move from such inadequacies to better is what has to be discussed.

One of the notable panelists to be engaged in this segment is Oracle’s Snr. VP, HCM product development. He, Chris Leone, will be assisted by Yvette to moderate this section. You will also get from them the role Oracle is playing to support the development of HR through innovation. Likely to be shared are ideas and products made by Oracle and other leading technocrats to reduce some of these challenges facing human resource development.

Multi-disciplinary Taskforce     

It will be a thrilling event with individuals coming from different organizations and disciplines to forge a way forward. Also present will be UPMC’s, HR information systems, senior director, Mr. Ken Chrin, and Tobias Schellhaas, Vice President, HR Data management, Deutsche Post DHL Group. They will share their views from their perspective. The fact that these panelists come from different fields of specialization means that there will be diversity in their expressions and amazing points of view. The best you can do now is register, sit and wait for the date. It will be an amazing event that will end with a third segment touching on Oracle’s products made to improve human resource experience at the workplace.

The closing segment will take around 15 minutes and will be moderated by Hillel Cooperman, who is the Senior VP, User Experience Design at Oracle. Mr. Cooperman will be assisted by Jenny Lam, with whom they share a title. How better way to end the summit? It will be one unforgettable experience.

Oracle is taking the lead in making products for HR solutions which other leading tech companies should emulate. It is through such summit’s that the best ideas come up and the concerned parties get to work to make the idea happen.

More to come

This is a precedence of the greatness ahead. More will surely come and we will see great tech products we will use to solve our day-to-day lives. HR is just one section of the workplace that needs improvement. There are more areas, from sales to accounting and many other areas. We look forward to future tech solutions with excitement. Meanwhile, Oracle deserves a big clap! Make sure you don’t miss the event.


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