Noise-Canceling Headphone

Have you ever used some headphones only for you to hear disruptions from the outside? Well, most earphones have noise cancellation features. While some use soundproofing, others use active noise control to achieve the same. The latter is the best noise-canceling headphones. Even with low volumes, you will hear the content of your audio with minimum or zero noise from the outside. Think about movements in the air. Sometimes you get exposed to noise that may be disturbing and all you need is enough from the same. Earphones that use soundproofing may not necessarily help you in such situations. Or, even if they do, they will passively reduce the noise.

Why should you buy noise-canceling headphones? Are they better in terms of the quality of sound they produce? Are they more affordable? Or, what qualities do noise-canceling headphones possess, making them a better buy compared to other headphones? Let’s look keenly at the reasons why you should buy noise-canceling headphones.

Features of Noise Cancelling Headphones

What general features define noise-canceling headphones? What separates a noise-canceling headphone from a passive one? Below are specific features to look out for.

  • Battery

The headphones need the energy to operate. That is why they have batteries installed. The batteries give the headphones power to work since there’s no external source connected.

  • Great sound

There’s no shortcut about it. It is a noise-canceling earphone if you can still hear the great sound even in the middle of noise or disturbance. A noise-canceling headphone will give you raw audio of just what you want to hear. The voices making it to your ears will be sieved already and you won’t have to deal with unnecessary noise.

Whenever you try out some headphones and get to hear sounds from outside then you can be sure they are not noise canceling. It is as easy as that. That is why you have to insist on trying them out before purchase if there’s that option.

  • Wireless

Most noise-canceling headphones are wireless. Wired headphones mostly use soundproofing to cut off noise, which sometimes is not 100% effective. But, why would someone go for wired headphones at the moment? It doesn’t make sense. Wireless headphones also make the most noise-canceling headphones.

  • Simplicity

Noise-canceling headphones are mostly simple and unnoticeable. Unless you look closely, you might pass someone wearing them without noticing they have headphones on them. Part of what makes noise-canceling headphones simple is the absence of wires.

  • Microphone

I was surprised this feature exists in a noise-canceling microphone. The question is, what is the role of a microphone in a headphone? Well, here’s the trick. A noise-canceling headphone is built with a microphone inside to take in noise that cannot be gotten rid of passively. This gets rid of the noise that evades passive canceling.

This feature means noise-canceling happens at different levels inside a noise-canceling headphone. The first level is passive canceling which all headphones do. The next level is the microphone level where noise that evades passive canceling is taken care of.

Advantages of Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • They’re rare

Who would want something everybody has? I wouldn’t! I have been in the fashion industry, and one of the things that amaze clients is the uniqueness of a purchase. Noise-canceling headphones are not available everywhere.

In fact, some manufacturers produce limited editions to add value to it. Noise-canceling headphones come in special makes and prestige. Even with the headphones on, you feel a sense of greatness, making you feel more value for money.

  • Affordability

The price of a product is critical. Noise-canceling headphones are affordable, although it depends on the manufacturing company. This depends on an individual. It may be affordable to me but not to someone else. Each piece is priced differently, which means affordability is subjective to individuals, the manufacturing company, and a particular piece.

  • Clarity and no noise

From the name, you can already tell these headphones will come with zero noise. That is a major difference between this type and others. The device gets rid of all the noise. That is protection to your ears from unnecessary noise. Besides, you guard your eardrums against damage.

With zero noise, you get a chance to listen to clear sounds from your player. If it’s music, there’s zero distraction, and at no point will you hear of noise. This is the best if listening to educative material as you will not be distracted. That allows you to focus and gain as much as possible.

If it’s entertainment, the music or movie will flow with no noise from the background. This lack of distractions is surely again. Most other headphones will play alongside unending noise, and that may be distractive.

  • Peaceful hearing

If you’ve dealt with noisy headphones before, you know there’s no peace with your hearing. Using noise-canceling headphones lets, you have peace. When there’s so much outside penetrating, you’d be forced to increase your player’s volume. This would be in an attempt to make the content you’re listening to more audible. All this does is cause harm to your ears. In the long run, you’ll realize your ears have started having issues. To avoid that, you can use noise-canceling earphones. You’ll listen to your audio peacefully and use a lower level volume that will be comfortable for your eardrums.

  • Psychological benefits

Well, I hope you know your organs of sense have connections. The noise you’re exposed to has a direct impact on your stress levels. That’s why you have to avoid high volumes as much as possible. The noise-canceling headphones protect you from high stress by censoring the amount of noise that hits your noise at any one particular time. 

With minimized stress levels, you have a chance to be calm and live a happier life. When your stress level is under control, you have the ability to control your moods at any particular time. Socially, you become a better person. It becomes easier to live with people.

  • Better sleep

This may look far-fetched, but it’s true. When using noise-canceling headphones, you become more peaceful. What this does is give you better sleep and a more comfortable life. Every other day when you wake in the morning, you feel more accomplished and start your day on a high note.

When you sleep better, your productivity levels go higher. Productivity is always appreciated, whether in the workplace or wherever you go. While noise-canceling headphones do not single-handedly contribute to better sleep, they greatly contribute to the same.

  • Total noise block

I have already talked about noise canceling. Well, the noise is not only canceled but gotten rid of completely. Not a decibel will make it past the headphone. I mean, that’s what a headphone should do. Yes!

Disadvantages of Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Disconnection from the world

You have probably met people who are totally disconnected from this world. Well, if you haven’t already, then you will very soon. It is risky, as well as rude. When you have your noise-canceling headphones on and volume up to the sky, you will not hear anything from anyone unless they wave to your face.

That is being antisocial. Besides, it puts you at risk of accidents and even robbery. Imagine a speeding car hooting from your back with your device on. It will end in tears! You will be hit and may even lose your life, depending on the impact of the hit.

  • Some headphones are expensive

Think about the companies that make special editions of noise-canceling headphones. It can cost a fortune. This means some may not afford the headphones, perhaps because it is meant for a particular class of people.

  • Discomfort

Some producers make heavy and gigantic headphones. When you buy those, be sure to feel some discomfort in the course of using the device. While this does not apply to all headphones, it is a disadvantage that cannot be overlooked. Plus, some headphones look so conspicuous you can help but wish them off as they may attract a lot of unnecessary attention.



It is now time to decide whether noise-canceling headphones are worth your money or not. We’ve looked at both the advantages and disadvantages too. Weighing both sides, it is clear the advantages outweigh the cons. The issue of discomfort is not a big deal, as well as a disconnection from the world. You could still lower the volume and hear what’s happening in the surrounding. Therefore, you have every reason to buy noise-canceling headphones.    

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