Netflix Vs Amazon Prime

Video Streaming is gaining prominence because everyone is busy in their daily life a cannot get enough time to give to the busy TV SCHEDULE. So, it becomes very easy to watch your favorite series whenever you have free time. You can also download some of them to watch them offline. So, there are many Video streaming platforms and Netflix, Amazon Prime is one of them. Most people think of Netflix as the best video streaming platform. However, Amazon has done a fantastic job as well. Both of the platforms have their original series but when it comes to subscribing to one of them you should see many points. In this article, I am going to tell you all about Netflix Vs Amazon Prime.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Price:

Netflix has many subscription plans like:

  • Basic: it costs about $9 per month with 480p video quality streaming and allows only one stream.
  • Standard: – It costs about $13 per month with 1080p video quality and two streams at a time.
  • Premium: – It costs about $16 per month with 4K HD quality video and 4 streams simultaneously.

When you sum up to yearly offer cost about a total of $108 for the basic plan, $156 per year for a standard plan and $192 per year for the premium plan. However, there is no discount offer offered by Netflix for the yearly plans. On the other side, Amazon primes cost about $13 per month. It has only one plan. For the year plan, they provide you a discount offer of $36 and you have to pay $120 per year. This package is beneficial for providing better quality HD videos and many streams at a time. But if you want to buy the cheapest plan you can go for the Netflix basic plan year that costs $108 per year but with one stream at a time.  As a final verdict, Amazon prime provides better services within the average price limit as compared to Netflix. So, it is up to you that what do you want many perks or money savings?

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Offline Video:

Netflix and Amazon Prime both are providing offline videos. In this feature, you can download only limited TV shows or series and watch offline. However, both of the video streamers have their limitations which are different for different subscription plans. But, one thing both of the video streaming sites are growing the list of shows which can be downloaded and watched offline.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Content:

Netflix has a wide range of Hollywood movies, to shows and its shows. Netflix’s shows are gaining more attention like Stranger Things, Umbrella and many more are on this list. It has its quality content and access to many licensed Hollywood shows as well. Well, it has been seen that over the years Netflix has reduced the number of movies and added more TV shows. The original series is also part of this game.

On the other hand, Amazon also has a much longer list of movies and TV shows. It has more movies as compared to any other video streaming platform. According to an estimate it has over 12,000 movies. A much bigger collection of movies. It is not the all it has also the list of well-known Hollywood movies. Amazon Prime is also struggling to make its unique content and they are investing in this project. But, it cannot compete in this filed yet.

So, in this arena, Netflix wins because it has more range than the other platforms.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Device Support:

Now a day the Smart TV platforms support both of these services and if you are interested in your TV then you should look into the app store. You should check for the service that will be compatible with all your TV devices. So, Netflix has many perks. For example, Chromecast is available on it and it was provided years ago. You can also use Chromecast function from your browser by throwing amazon prime videos by your phone on the TV screen. Well, Amazon Prime and Netflix both have apps that are useable in all devices like Android, IOS, and windows. However, Netflix can be used on many devices when compared to Amazon Prime.  

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Streams:

 Both Amazon Prime and Netflix has limited numbers of streams. The number of streams varies with the package plans on Netflix. But, for the Amazon prime, it remains constant. This policy of these streams keeps you away from sharing your account. Well, many people still do it. However, they also provide many options for streams like in large families the kids want their separate stream and family needs its own. So, Netflix has given three option

  • Basic: – It provides only one Stream at a time.
  • Standard: – It provides two streams simultaneously.
  • Premium: – It provides Four streams simultaneously.

However, for Amazon Prime users you can stream up to three devices at a time. But, for streaming the same media there are limitations. But, Netflix users do not have this type of problem like if you are premium Netflix users you can stream the same media on many devices you want.

Which one is the best?

We cannot decide clearly what is the best video streaming service for us? But, it can be decided by your interest. If you want the best quality videos and more movies and can pay some extra money you then you must go for Amazon Prime. But, if you want the average video quality and affordable plans then you must choose Netflix plans. Well, I must recommend you to go for the Free trials of both the video streaming platforms so you can decide what is best for you?

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