Must-Have Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the most powerful browser that is available all over the world. It is not only the best web browser for surfing but also provides a multi-purpose job. It is only workable in its original form by having all the essential chrome extensions. No doubt Google always provides solid security, better interface, and excellent performance. In this article, I will tell you about all must have a chrome extension.

Here are must-have Chrome extensions:

This is the most important extension that helps you to read and understand the foreign content. This will let you translate any language into your native language. For this purpose, you just have to select your original language for the content found on the internet.


Grammarly is the power pack for all the users who spend most of the time in writing. It is an extension that ensures engaging writing and helps to spot all the mistakes. With the help of this extension, one can find grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It helps you to get the unique paper of the content. So it is the must-have a chrome extension for blog writers to have the error-free content.


It is the magical chrome extension that allows the users to capture and save interesting things from the web. It is connected to your Evernote account. You can clip webpage, highlight, annotate, take a screenshot. And you have all the information available to your Evernote account, so it is available anytime you want.


Most of the time we visit a web page and run short on time to read this page. We plan to read it in free time, but we mostly cannot find it again. This chrome extension will let you the web pages and these web pages will be synced to your device. So, your page is saved and you can even read it offline when you have free time.


It is the most important app for all the users who have a lot of work to do and for that purpose they have to open multiple tabs. One Tab condenses all the tabs that you open or had open in a single tab. So, you can get a look at all the tabs. You can go to theses tabs from a single place. It becomes easier to work with One Tab. You can also restore these tabs at once when you need them. If you want to share these tabs you can share the URL link from One tab.


It is one of the most popular online Ad Blocker. It has quick setup features and allows the users to block all the annoying ads from your web pages. It also provides the options for malware and one can also block ads from social media platforms. Apart from this, users can also set the custom filter according to the need. You can block or allow certain content. It is the must-have chrome extension for all the inappropriate and annoying ads and malware threats. But, you can disable it any time from settings.


The instant dictionary is the best chrome extension for the students and scholars. It is very helpful to understand the content. When you double click on any phrase or word this chrome extension shows the meaning of that specific word net to omnibar. In this way, it eliminates the need to search for the words in separate tabs. You can read your content without any disturbance with full attention. Sometime it may happen that this dictionary cannot the meaning and then it suggests you use a quick speed google search option.


It is the time of social media and we all are managing a lot of passwords and social media accounts. Most people like me create different passwords for different social media accounts. So, this chrome extension is the helper that can help you to manage the multiple user accounts and make your browsing experience easier. It also allows you to export the passwords from the major platform like Firefox to the chrome. It is the best cross-platform that also syncs your data. It is the best deal for all the users for the smooth chrome browsing experience.


Screenshots are an important part of our daily routine. But, sometimes it looked difficult to take the screenshot of web pages. It is the major issue for most people who do not know how to do it. The awesome screenshot is the best chrome extension for all those people. It also helps you to create the text box, mark important things, and many more. It does all the tasks within seconds and hassle-free.


We all deal with the clunky URLs and it is really offensive to deal with them. will help you to simplify them. However, there are some security issues with these links because they can take you to the links that everyone knows. It is the extension that leads a person to an in-between page when he clicks on the shortened link. This is the risky task, but the chrome extension warns you about any malware threat or tracking cookies on that web page. So, you must have this chrome extension of the protection of your computer from the threats.


It is the famous cross-platform that is perfect for the to-do list app. It helps you to sync the daily tasks and checklist from mobile devices to the desktops or from desktops to mobile phones. So, you can keep an eye on your daily tasks from anywhere. It is useful for all the people who have a busy life schedule. Apart from this one can also drop and drag interface. You can add notes and share the tasks from all the browsers that are synced with the help of this chrome extension.


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