Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

Most people today own mobile phones. They use these devices to access different platforms. Some of the sites are for fun while others are sources of living. Android supports several sites. Below are some of the most useful Android apps in daily life.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp usage spiked from 2013. More and more users realized the benefits of this application, especially the millennials. Today, a big percentage of Android users have WhatsApp.

While many people use this app for fun, a growing number of people are there for business. Knowing this, the WhatsApp team built the WhatsApp Business app with additional features.

The two apps people keep in tabs as well as run their business with ease. WhatsApp Business is also supported by Android.

This is one of the apps you will never miss on an Android phone. It is also easily available on the Play store and takes up a little space when downloaded.

  • VLC

You’ve probably observed that most people walk with headsets today. They’ll probably be watching videos or listening to music. VLC is one of the most used music players. The Android-supported music player is easy to download and also takes up little space on your phone.

Besides, the app is plug-and-play. There are no configurations you will need to do. That ease of usage has seen the app’s number of downloads increase.

It is also easy to navigate. Once you have the application, all you need to do is download the MP3 or video you want. Once the download is complete, you may proceed to open the app.

It automatically picks the songs or videos. Then, you can click play and listen or watch that which you want to. As easy as that.

  • YouTube

Music is food for the soul. That is why we may want to listen to music all day. VLC will help you listen to music that you have saved on your phone. But it may not be practical or possible to download every music or video we want to.

Artists release songs every other day. Others enter the scene every other time with bangers as others leave for their reasons. Well, it may be hard to download all these songs every time there’s a release. Or, because of the busy schedule, we may not be able to complete the downloads.

That is why YouTube is important. You can listen to any kind of song you want. The Android-supported app allows you to find song covers and other versions you would like to listen to. This is at your convenience because you won’t have to wait for a song to end for you to listen to it.

YouTube is also easy to use. As long as you have internet connectivity, all you need to do is search for the song or artist you want.

Another YouTube advantage is the fact that you do not have to master the name of the song or artist you want. Even a few words of the lyrics are enough to bring results with the songs you want.

YouTube is also used by some to earn a living. If you are one of those, this is a must-have on your Android phone. Most of the devices come with apps installed already.

  • Drive

Storage methods change by the day. Drive has seen organizations shift from physical storage to cloud storage. This means keeping your data in a safe space away from burglars. It also comes with its challenges but the gains outdo the demerits.

Android devices now come with the Drive app installed already. The app helps users store information. Organizations owners and information officers know how important this app is. You may lose your phone but the Drive app will help you recover your information as soon as you acquire a new device.

The Drive app is also easy to use. Depending on your settings, you can save data automatically, periodically, or in real-time. The timing depends on your convenience.

Those working with their phones know how important this app is. Pictures lovers too appreciate the Drive application. They can easily access their previous photos.

  •  Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular applications today. The picture-oriented platform helps influencers keep their followers updated. Users post their images doing their things and attract followers. The most influential ones gain the highest number of followers.

Instagram is also easily downloadable on the Play Store for Android phones. Once you have the app installed, all you need is to sign up and save your login details so that you don’t have to keep logging in time and again.

You can also use the app to create an online presence. Today it is possible to make money online through such applications. If you get the likes and follows right, corporates will come after you for influencer roles. That is why you may need this app.

Besides, it may not be enough to have a single source of income today. For that reason, you may want to invest in other projects just to get things correct. Instagram is an option for this. It is supported by Android and user friendly.

Another benefit of this app is the beginner friendliness. Even if you’re not experienced in using the app, you can easily learn and do so fast.

  • Play Store

Initially, phones were designed for communication. Calls and messages were the most used forms of communication. In the wake of social media, that has changed and now we need applications to communicate and do other things.

A new phone today will have a few apps and the Play Store. The latter will help you get more apps. Play Store helps people download more apps they need to live their lives.

Downloading apps is easy. Once you download, they auto-install on your phone. Most of them are plug and play and that means no configuration is required.



Android is one of the most used operating systems. The OS helps you get the apps you need for your day-to-day operations. The apps listed above are some of the most useful apps you’ll find on your Android app today.

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