Mond Rainmeter

What is Mond Rainmeter

Name: Mond Rainmeter 

Version: 2.3.1 beta 4 

Language: Multi 

Size: 448 KB

ADDONs Features: Email, Chat, Photo, File transfer, Photo sharing, Video supporting, Music player supporting, Video chat with sound & video camera, ADDONs skins supported & more.

Mond Rainmeter is a tool that can easily turn your Windows computer into the stylish and customizable device that you have been dreaming about. With its unique appearance, it makes your operating system look much more stylish. It has a huge list of features and options, which allows you to customize your operating system according to your personal needs and preferences, unlike other skins that only allow you to choose between a few options. Mond Rainmeter is not only good for skinning windows but it can also be used to completely control power settings on your computer. It has become one of the most recommended tools for people who like customization. It’s easy to see why once you see what it does.

Multiple default skins have been created by the developer, which includes both new ones and old ones that have been updated with new features. These are all available for you to download without restriction. The program is easy to use, with an interface that is easy on the eyes. On the surface, it resembles a standard skinning program that you have seen before. You can get skins of just about any of your favorite programs through this program.

Modes of Mond Rainmeter

This skin has two different power modes that are integrated into one skin. Each mode is designed to help you control power on your laptop or PC by using some basic mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts. The main power mode has three different power states. You can switch between these states by using hotkeys 1, 2, and 3.

The first state is the working or normal state of your system. This setting will keep your screen on while you are actively using it. The second stage is called the sleep state. This setting will allow Rainmeter to turn off all parts of your system except for RAM, which means that everything else will be inactive until you bring it back up again.

The second power mode is the same as the first, except it uses keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks to control power. This mode allows you to turn the power off by pressing the “a” key instead of clicking on it. The “b” key turns your computer on, and so on. Several other functions are supported by this tool as well, including an option that will allow you to choose whether or not you want your screen to be turned off when you turn off your PC for an extended period.

The third mode is the hibernate mode, where everything except for RAM is shut down completely to save energy when you are not using your laptop or PC. You must reboot your system after you use this mode.

This program is designed with simplicity in mind, which makes it easy to use despite how powerful it is underneath the surface.  It doesn’t have a lot of advanced features, so it is perfect for people who want something simple to use when they just want to add a little bit of customization to their system. Mond Rainmeter has been downloaded over 2 million times from the official website. 

Pros of Mond Rainmeter

  • You can manage your private and private IP at the same time.
  • Send And Receive Email, you can use any email client in Windows XP/ Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  •  You can download and install your favorite add-ons in the profile.
  •  You can download free downloaded music, movies, photos, and other files from Pandora, iRazoo, YouTube, Google Video, File hosting website …etc …etc … etc…
  •  Supported skins: Rainmeter Compatibility Index (RCI). 17 skins supported and growing.
  •  For more cool skins: Download Skins Gallery at
  •  You can change the skin of the app at any time. 
  •  You can control power with hotkeys or mouse clicks.
  •  You can share your files with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk.
  •  You can play the popular game online, you don’t need to install it.
  •  Send your files to other users fastly and easily. And receive files from them too.
  •  All the data sent and received are encrypted securely between two computers to keep safe from monitoring by any third party.
  •  When you active this app, it’s running in the background mode, it’s so small and so light on system resources which are usually not found in other similar apps on the market today.

Cons of Mond Rainmeter

  1. Not every skin is supported by the application. However, it’s a very good thing because you can still able to use your favorite skins or make a new one.
  2. You can not change your power mode by the program only by the keyboard shortcut keys in this app. 
  3. Even you can not make skins for this app, but I still think it’s worth it that when you want to impress your friends when you want them to envy when they see your PC then you probably use Rainmeter skin.
  4.  It’s difficult to work with the alternative skins of the application.
  5. Not suitable for old computers, since not all skins are available in this version. However, for your old computer, you can still use the PC Rainmeter is compatible with and its skins and add-ons may work better than some other alternative applications. 
  6. The add-ons selection is very limited, almost all add-ons are not supported in this version.

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