Mi Band 5 – Review







Battery Life




Fitness Tracking





  • Bright display
  • Very comfortable
  • More accurate sleep tracking
  • Better fitness tracking
  • Great battery life
  • Better heart rate monitoring
  • Magnetic power cable makes it easy to connect
  • Great pricing


  • Display may feel small
  • App usage experience not that great

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is worth buying. It is the cheapest fitness tracker on the market. It is absolutely worth paying $40 for this outstanding fitness tracker. Every year they introduce affordable fitness trackers in the market. Well, they have to go to some extra extent to get what this company wants. The distinction is the ultimate goal of this company, and they struggle for it. They understand the budget of every individual that’s why they provide all the required features at a very reasonable price.

 In other words, you can get everything that all competing companies of fitness trackers provide at high prices. Let’s come to this year, and they have introduced the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that is not different from the already existing version of this company. They have advanced the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with some additions and, of course, some new features too. Now the question arises these features enough to make them get distinction from all the competing brands?  

How is this fitness tracker competing with the high league fitness trackers like Fitbit? To clear these questions, I will tell you about the features of the Mi Band 5 Review. 

Overview of Mi Band 5

Mi Band 5 is a fitness tracker designed to track your fitness and health conditions without any need to spend a lot of money on common medical kits or tests. After the huge success of other versions of the Xiaomi company’s fitness trackers, they have finally released Mi Band 5. It is the best tracker that monitors 24/7 activity, continuously monitors the heart rate, tracks sleeping patterns other outdoor activities with the help of a GPS tracker from your smartphone. 

Apart from the health monitoring feature, it will let you see the notifications from your iPhone or Android phone. You can check the weather conditions and play music on it. All of this is possible on the touch screen that is advanced with better brightness and resolution.  We can say that they aim to provide all the essential features within an affordable budget range. So, it is the best option for all the people who want a fitness tracker at a reasonable price. 

The Mi Band 5 product is high on demand accessory. The product complements any electronics you think about, be it an iPad, a tablet, phone, or any other tech item you can think about walking around with. While working on your pc, you would prefer to have a piece of watch close by. The purpose is to use it as a timer. The Mi Band 5 perfectly blends well with your style. 

Our test result

Fitness tracking: Fitness tracking seems more accurate and better than previous versions. Steps counting and other activity tracking works very well.

Sleep tracking: Sleep tracking is excellent. We found very accurate tracking of sleep.

Display: display is bigger than previous versions and a lot brighter. All the information is clearly visible.

Battery life: Battery life is average. Though it’s claimed to have about 20-21 days of battery life, we have found about 2 weeks of battery life in normal use. With all the settings at max (brightness, notification, and other continuous monitoring features), we got about 6-7 days of battery life, which we think is good enough.

New watch faces: Though we have not used it much (other than testing), it is there; you can use the new watch faces (which can be selected from an app on the phone.

App usability: Mi Fit app works flawlessly on android and iPhone. Though we think the app’s overall UX needs some work, that is not a problem. Firmware gets regular updates. Also, the app gets regular updates too.

Features of Xiaomi Mi Band 5

  • Release Date and Price

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 was launched on July 16, 2020. It is priced about $50 well for the English; you can have it for just $29.99 from Gear best. When you purchase this fitness tracker, you will get the default Chinese version. After installing the Mi Fit application in this band, you can sync the band and update the firmware. Now, you will be able to select your language from Chinese to English. One thing, the mentioned price does not include the import fee and delivery charges. 

  • Design

The design of Mi Band 5 is unexpectedly sporty, and you can wear it during swimming or shower. Well, they have a long-lasting battery life that lasts for 14 days. This is something more that you can expect from any fitness tracker. Even the high price Fitbit is unable to provide this much battery life. They have transformed the charging set up in the new version of the fitness tracker. However, like everything has some pros and cons, the same is the case with this Mi Band 5 fitness tracker. It doesn’t include the many desirable features like Xiao Al smart assistant and NFC for the payments. But, when you look at the $40 price, it provides something big for the low price.

  • Fitness tracking

The new version of the Xiaomi fitness tracker still possesses the same sensor inserted in the old version. It includes fitness tracking features like a gyroscope, accelerometer, heart monitor, and motion sensor. It does not include a built-in GPS, but one can use the GPS on their phone. It will help you to map the outdoor activities. If you want to check the fitness stats, you can look through the main watch screen that can lead you to the status menu for more options. 

With this status menu’s help, you can find the distance covered, calorie burns, daily steps, and alters about your inactivity. Moreover, you can also calculate your seven-day step goal, and it provides authentic data similar to the Garmin watch. The heart sensor is inserted to check how the daily steps or other outdoor activities can affect your heart rate. You can get the PAI score to check your daily totals. It is a positive thing people are going to check the heart rate instead of step counting. 

  • Companion App

When you get a considerable amount of the Mi band data, you will need to get the Mi Fit companion phone app. This app is compatible with the iPhone and Android. It is best to point where you can go for the more in place and trends to adjust the band setting. If you want to sync the data, there is no issue with the iOS or Android. You can get a snapshot of the most recent data, which can give you detailed data. There is also a specified tracking screen for running, cycling, and walking when your fitness tracker is connected to the GPS on the phone. You can also connect with the friend that owns the Mi fitness band. 

  • Bluetooth connectivity

Well, today, Bluetooth connectivity is a feature of almost every great tech product. It allows wireless connection between items nearby. Bluetooth connectivity allows the Mi Band 5 to connect with Bluetooth enabled devices close by, and this forms a path through which they can share information.

  • Color

Initially, I used to think the color of a device never made a difference. With time, I realize it makes such a significant difference. When you work with colors you like, you tend to be more productive and enjoy your work. On the other hand, colors that don’t impress you tend to slow your mood as you go around with your work.

The Mi Band 5 comes in different colors. I prefer blue or black color although there are other options like pink and purple. For people who love more color, there’s green, purple and orange. There’s more. If you love dark colors, but black is not your favorite, you can buy the grey colored one. Yellow is also available for bright color lovers.

  • Battery

We all love batteries that last long. 14 days is enough time for you to use the watch before having to recharge the device again. The longevity of a battery is one of the factors that make a device user friendly. You’ll find no battery as good as that of a Mi Band 5 easily.

  • Compatibility

androidauthority.com describes the device as only compatible with Android 5.0 upwards and iOS 10.0 and later. This means those with previous versions of the aforementioned operating systems cannot use the device unless they upgrade their devices. Compatibility issues are common with tech devices. The best news is there’s always a solution to this. An upgrade is the best option.

  • Water resistance

This device is even used by swimming professionals, among others who engage in activities involving exposure to water, sweat, and other corrosive liquids. Its ability to resist water gives it the longevity any buyer would yearn for.  

Uses of the Xiaomi Band 5

  • Sleep tracking and improvement

As we age, we tend to lose the ability to catch sleep well. If only we got a solution to this, we would appreciate the big time. Well, this device tracks all your sleeping habits. With all the details captured, you’ll be advised on possible causes of the sleeping problems and any possible solutions.

A lot happens when you’re asleep; you may never be aware of it. The device lets you know what goes on. It will also suggest what to do to improve your sleeping patterns. In the long run, you will realize you sleep more comfortably and for longer hours.

  • Women Health

A woman is a superior being and should always be appreciated. If you value the women in your life, this is the device to get them. The Mi Band 5 can record menstrual cycles and other activities. The devices also issue scores on the same, allowing you to rate your daily activity. When you know how well or bad you’re performing, it gives you the chance to improve and become a better person.

Generally, men do better when it comes to physical fitness. This device can help most ladies change this statistic.=

  • Breathing tracking

We all know what keeps us alive. Oxygen does. That said, it is essential to be wary of our breathing levels all the time. That will help keep us as healthy as possible. This will keep us strong and away from unnecessary illnesses. There are more benefits and uses for Mi Band 5.

Activities that allow usage of the Mi Band 5 without Struggle

The Mi Band 5 can be used when undertaking everything. You should still avoid carrying your device when doing activities like bathing to lengthen the time the tool will serve you. Which actions should you use the device without thinking twice? Below are some:

  • Swimming
  • Riding
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Jumping
  • Gym sessions
  • Outfield sessions
  • Operating machines
  • Anaerobic exercises 
  • Aerobic exercises

When engaging in the above activities, it is proper to use your Mi Band 5 device. The tool will record your workout with every engagement you undertake. With time, it’ll help you improve what you have to and point out what you have to stop doing. 

Other than that, you get the basics of watches offer. Research has those who have timekeepers like watches tend to be better time managers. That said, a Mi Band 5 helps you keep track of time and manage it well. You also have a stopwatch if you want to establish how much time you can spend on a particular task.


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the best option if you want to get something great on the screen, an affordable price fitness tracker, and hybrid sports watch with additional tracking features. It is the best tracking watch that provides a lot of impressive features. However, this tracking watch is not a good option for people who want something that looks stylish on their wrists. It has a plain look that misses a smart assistant and NFC for the payments. 

The service or value determines the quality of a device it offers you about the amount you paid for it. It happens this product is affordable and of great importance. You’ll love the service and achieve value for money. The best thing about this tiny device is the impact it can leave on your life. Health is wealth, and that is why you should strive to stay healthy. You can use the device to track your activities and improve on what you can achieve per day. 

So, should you buy Mi band 5? yes, if you are looking for a low price band that is comfortable to use, tracks your health accurately, and looks great, then go for it.

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