Marques Brownlee

Since the dawn of the internet revolution, individuals are taking their creativity online to make money out of it. Social media is becoming a fine business opportunity and those with the skills are reaping big. YouTube is another big platform. YouTubers are becoming millionaires at a young age and one such beneficiary is Marques Brownlee. Keith is his middle name and has a professional title of MKBHD. What makes him popular? The former Frisbee player does videos and podcasts about technology. Born in 1993, the twenty-six-year-old has achieved a lot only a few could at the same age.


His YouTube Channel 

The more the subscribers you have the higher your chances of making more money. Marques Brownlee has over eleven million subscribers. That number is likely to go higher with time considering the quality of his videos and the content he delivers. Besides, technology is a relevant niche and will continue to trend in the days and years to come.

Thanks to his podcasts, Marques Brownlee has received a number of acknowledgments from prominent people including a vice president. That means his work is recognized- one of the reasons his channel will likely attract more subscribers. The channel has amassed a total viewership of close to two billion as I write this. A clear indication of how influential the youngster is.

The channel has been around for more than a decade now- that is since 2008. Just four years after the channel went on, it hit the 100,000 subscribers’ mark. Two years later, the channel had reached the two million subscriber mark. The channel hit the 10,000,000 subscription mark in 2019 and continues to grow. Looking at this trend, it is likely the channel will gain more and more loyalists even faster than we can imagine. This will happen thanks to Marques expertise and the fact that he gets even better in the art as time goes by.


Early Life

Born in 1993, marques went to Columbia High School. After finishing his secondary education, he joined the Stevens Institute of Technology. There he did an IT course with Business. It didn’t take him long before graduating in 2015. All this while, his Youtube channel was running, but it’s after clearing university that he became a fulltime YouTuber.

As I write this, he is only 26 years- meaning he is still living his early life. Before moving residences, he would create content from his home. After shifting, MKBHD as he is professionally referred to moved his production to a studio. Marques was previously a sports person before moving to YouTubing. Some of the teams he used to turn up for are now defunct. He is still thriving. 



Brownlee joined Youtube in 2008. He was still a small boy then- a high school student to be precise. All he did is upload tutorials and product reviews. He made use of screen casting to achieve this. With time, he started to incorporate more creativity and bring on board influential individuals who added value to his influence. Marques reviewed different products and soon become a recognized reviewer. By 2018, he had made over a thousand posts to his channel. With each uploaded post, he attracted more viewers and subscribers.

It is a hard task to grow viewers online. Gaining influence online requires skill and internal toughness. You need just one breakthrough and you are off the hook. On the same note, just a single mistake and you lose all your influence in a flash. It is only fair if we give credit to Marques for his ability to attract and retain millions of subscribers in a period of more than twelve years.

What catapulted MKBHD’s YouTube channel’s subscription from tens of thousands to millions? Marques delivered quality content and continues to do so. He also focused on a topic that resonated well with the online audience. Besides, he featured prominent people with a huge influence online. By doing so, he grew his fan base and made huge strides towards gaining subscriptions. Notable big names he interviewed included Kobe Bryant, Neil Tyson, Craig federighi and many others. Bringing these people to his channel was the best decision he could ever make as far as his YouTubing career is concerned.



Marques has taken marketing of his channel to a whole new level. He has his own award series that grows by day attracting more stakeholders on board. The awards started in 2014. Mind you he was only 21 years then. The awards happen at the end of the year – in December. This time is strategic as then every phone manufacturer would have designed, tested and released their phones. There are different categories to the awards and that makes it even more interesting.

Marques as a YouTuber has had a successful career so far. Other than the opportunity to host prominent people, he has been acknowledged worldwide for his expertise. As he continues to build his audience, only time will tell how far he is likely to grow his channel and influence.


Salary and Net Worth

According to, Marques makes an average of $40,000 a month. The site reported he made $25K in May 2020, $31k in March, $59k in February and $50k in January. November 2019 saw him make about $72k. previously he earned less but his income has been steadily increasing. Marques Brownlee actual net worth is still not well established with other sources valuing him at $8million while others as low as $675. The big variance between the different valuations makes it hard to settle on a particular amount as his value. 



Marques has seen his fortunes thanks to his creativity online. It appears as if his degree in Business and Information Technology (BBIT) was a fine idea. He uses the business skills to sell his IT knowledge and uses the same technology to implement his business ideas. As he continues to build his fan base, he continues to grow his wealth. He is still young and with a bright future.

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