Best Magic Games for Android 

After the Harry Potter series, we all are much obsessed with magic and the fantasy world. Everyone is pretty curious about the world of potions, wands, wizards, witches, spells, potions, and many more interesting things. If you want to visit the world in the games, I am here to help you. This article is all about magic games for android users. By playing these games you will feel yourself drowning in the joy of the magic world. We got the idea from movies that we have to face good wizards and bad ones. In the magic games, you will have to participate in the war between them. Apart from this, you will also experience many other creatures like centaurs and pixies, etc. So, all ready and excited to know about the best magic games for android. 

List of the Best Magic Games

Let’s have a look at the best magic games for android


There are a total of seven different episodes of the amid the evil game. In each of the series, you will have to face different enemies and also they have different settings. It is the first personal magic and shooter game. You can find magical weapons in the place known as LUDICROUS that are designed to be overcharged by the souls of the dead. The enemy is the AI designed that is brutal and haunts you to the air, sea, and land. In this game, the worst weapon is the staff that aims and kills the blue homing blobs by shooting. Overall it is a fun game to play in free time for all the magic lovers. 

Tap Wizard RPG: Arcane Quest

Tap Wizard RPG is an idle RPG by which we should select a technique earlier than launching our intrepid magician right in opposition to fierce hordes of enemies. In this game, we have to manage a robust wizard who is not going to cease spell after spell on the monsters that emerge from the Stone of the Doom. A peculiar element is that earlier than the beginning journey we have to select three magicians.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter; Wizards Unite is a sport that follows similar tips and mechanics such as Pokemon GO. It is developed by Niantic. For the presentation of magic that is all around us, it uses augmented actuality. You possibly can discover locations around the whole world to artifacts. These artifacts are solid spells, meet legendary beasts, and iconic characters. All this is done by this game.

This is a motion sport comparable in format to the Supercell’s brawl stars. However, we’ll compensate for warfare on personnel in a Battle Royale format. The weapons in the game are magic spells that we will unlock as we assemble factors and kill enemies. We manage our character with a joystick in the isomeric third-individual perspective. This all is done on a battlefield. 

Idle Magic Clicker

You can guess on this Idle Clicker if you don’t have time to play loads. It works in the background without the want to be in the game. The game is ready in the world of fantasy and magic. We should contact the display screen to launch magi rays to the rob on the display screen for playing and enhancing our energy. However, it will shortly recharge after a few seconds.

Harry Potter: Puzzles and Magic

The Setting of this game in the world of Harry Potter has raised a system of puzzles of progressive problems. It has raised the place we can have to resolve the planets to advance.  If we do this, we will unlock moments from the films with their different characters. Not only these things but also with the addition to every kind of thing and presents.

Idle Wizard School – Wizard Gathering

In this game, we have to develop a faculty. We have to lead it to success to create the best wizards and witches in the area. And at the minimum that is the starting, there are a lot of zones that can be called for your companies later. If you want to grow to the Albus Dumbledore of your college of wizards and witches, it issues you the alternative. 

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

For Androids, a journey of online games is based mostly on the universe of e-book sequences. It was created by JK Rowling. It can take us to discover all the nooks and crannies of the citadel. And magic is taught and spells from academics like Dumbledore or Snape. Many years earlier, the title was ready then the protagonist of the saga stepped on it. And discover and uncover the mysterious secrets that its partitions cover.

World of Wizards

This sport takes us to the medieval fantasy world that is filled with magicians. The place we have to combat with various gamers in actual time. In the game, you have to use your character, his spells, and rampage in all sport modes. Each character has its very own spells and particular traits. Therefore, the selection between one or the different can implicit dissimilarity between victory and a crushing defeat.

Another Eden

Another Eden is the news game on the list of best magic games. It is composed by the same guy who wrote and composed Chrono trigger. In this game, you have to traverse the time to help the game character, the sister and many other people in the game. Players have to fight against the bad guys by using beautiful combat techniques. This game has many different events and complex menus that make it more interesting for the players. One of the most important factors is the campaign mode that helps players to resume the game from the exact point where they left. It is a simple yet fun magic game. 

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