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Apple Company is the most favorite of everyone. When we think of the notebook, we ultimately dream about the MacBook. No doubt they give us the best MacBook. Apple’s occasions are memorable and the company shows case their new versions every year. In the latest 2019 event, they have unveiled the more powerful and professional Mac Pro. They have updated many things that range from core to the memory system. The updated memory system will make you able to do the heavy work and impose as much as you required load. In simple words, there will be hardly any task that will damage your Mac Book.

You will be happy to hear that this version is much upgraded as compared to the 2013 version. It has been added to the 28-core Xenon processor. Well, it is Apple’s most dedicated desktop. It is available to purchase as they mentioned that it would be available between September 2019 to November 2019. But, now they have mentioned that Apple’s Mac Pro and The pro display XDR will be launched in 2019, December. Well in this article I am going to tell you everything about Mac Pro. So let’s start

All About Mac Pro:


Apple’s every device is somehow expensive and not in range of every person. So this is exactly the case for Mac Pro. The starting price of Mac Pro is $5,999 and it is for the basic version of the 8-core Intel Xenon processor, 32GB of ECC memory (RAM) and Radeon 580X graphics processor. It is the most expensive Apple product that is existing this time. The main reason for this much high price the customizable configuration and new modular design.

Design upgradation:

The first generation Mac Pro design was not good. It was somewhat like the blocky computers that resemble the traditional PC towers. Then they decided to change it and the first change in design was made in 2013 where they changed it to the cylindrical shape. There were two-chip panels and a central fan. 2019 they have changed the design by keeping the goal of performance in focus. They made the two-layer lattice design cylinder with a large surface area. The fans are present to move the airflow horizontal to the tower. There is also the plus point, this Mac Pro produces no noise. The two-layer lattice design helps you to handle the high workload while not producing too much heat.

 It is commonly said that Mac Pro’s new design somehow resembles a cheese grater. But, when you look at this from distance it does not exactly look like that but there are many built-in options. One more appealing feature is that by sliding the cover of PC you can have access to all internals of this personal computer. In simple words, you can have 360-degree access to all the PC parts. The Mac Pro was designed in California, U.S but now they have moved its major production to China. However, there are still the many U.S made components used in this Mac Pro.

Performance score:

Apple company has focused on the design by keeping the performance in view. They have added many new hardware components. The architecture of the PC gives space for many memory units and graphics cards added to the device. There are options like: 

  • 3 single-wide PCI slots
  • 4 double-wide PCI slots
  • 1 half-width PCI slot.

All these things give the best configuration that RAM needs. You can also get the many external peripheral ports, for example, you can connect 2 USB-A ports and 2 Thunderbolt 3. We know that Mac Pro has 32 GB RAM but this horsepower can enhance this power. Like you can attach as many slots to get the more RAM, even you can get 1.5 terabytes of RAM. You can also swap Radeon 80X to the Radeon Pro Vega II which will work in two lines. All this sums up to give the 6 teraflops of the computation with the help of Apple’s Infinity Fabric Link. This link allows you to transfer data. The in-built Afterburner accelerator card is the best thing that allows a user to playback the streams in three versions 4K resolution with 12 streams at a time and 3 streams of 8K video. This is pretty cool.

RAM and Graphics:

They also have upgraded the RAM. You may think that you may have to buy the 32GB model and that model is pretty expensive. Then what is left for more space? Do not worry there is another option and that is the 12 physical DIMM slots. These slots will help you to increase memory as much as you want. So, buy the normal RAM version and upgrade it according to your choice. So, it’s totally up to you upgrade the system or extend the memory.

They have also worked on the Graphic cards. Apple has introduced the graphics cards and new modules. There is a PCIe expansion card and it not only allows to upgrade to more powerful graphics also gives 500W power advantage.

Final Verdict:

Mac Pro is the King of all PCs this time. It’s the most expensive of Apple’s and no doubt the perfect performer. Its high price does not matter much before its marvelous features. It is the perfect PC for the technicians and artists. This is actually due to their basic needs for hardware and software. The architectures mainly need the perfect hardware and f course technicians need perfect software. So, Apple made the wise step to make Mac Pro.

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