Mac OS Catalina Preview

The latest Mac OS is now officially announced. If you are using a MacBook, Mac Mini or an iMac, you should take a look at all the new and exciting features that come along with this new OS. Then you can get yourself ready to update the OS of your Mac. We will provide you with a quick overview of Mac OS Catalina and share more details on what you will be able to get out of it. Then you can go ahead and make an informed decision whether to upgrade or not. 

What’s exciting about Mac OS Catalina? 

The best thing about Mac OS Catalina is that it has the ability to make you fall in love with your Mac. In other words, you will be able to enjoy TV, music and even podcasts with the help of your Mac. On the other hand, you are provided with the freedom to go ahead and use the iPad apps directly on the Mac. If you want to extend the workspace on Mac, you can simply do it with Apple Pencil and iPad as well. Along with that, you are provided with a large number of other new and exciting features. These features are in a position to make the life easy for you. 

Most prominent features of Mac OS Catalina

  • Introduction of TV, Music and Podcasts into the Mac 

ITunes was able to change the way how people listen to music. The latest Mac OS Catalina is in a position to take that to the next level. That’s because you will be able to receive TV, Music and Podcasts on your Mac. This new introduction will change the way how you enjoy entertainment along with the Mac. You can also make sure that your iCloud account syncs up everything seamlessly to provide you with an even better experience at the end of the day. 

  • Introduction of iPad apps to the Mac 

Another great new feature that you can find in Mac OS Catalina is the introduction of iPad apps. All the iPad apps that you love can now be installed on your Mac. Therefore, you will be able to take your productivity to the next level with it. 

The new iPad apps are designed to work along with the existing Mac app. You will even be able to drag and drop content in between these apps. Using iPad apps on the Mac can provide you with an enhanced experience. In other words, you can take complete advantage over the bigger screen. You can also receive benefits from the powerful architecture of Mac OS Catalina. Plenty of iPad apps are available for you to use in your day to day life and now you can get all of them installed on the Mac without any hassle. They include project management apps, education apps, banking apps, entertainment apps, travel related apps and even your favorite games. 

  • Ability to extend the Mac with iPad 

If you are a person who has been complaining about limited workspace provided by the Mac Screen, Mac OS Catalina will be the best solution available. In fact, Mac OS Catalina provides you with the chance to extend to your desktop with the assistance of your iPad. In other words, you will be able to use the iPad to act as your second screen. If you are a person who works on a tool such as Photoshop, you can keep the canvas on your mac and have the color palette and tools on the iPad. It is also possible for you to mirror the mac and the iPad, so that they offer same content. 

  • Use Apple pencil to express your creativity 

The new Mac OS Catalina is in a position to provide you with the best possible experience with Apple Pencil as well. You will be able to use the Apple Pencil and bring in precision and user-friendliness of it into your creativity. You will be able to draw artworks directly on software such as Adobe Illustrator with the help of Apple Pencil. This would be a really good news for all the artists out there. 

  • Screen Time on Mac OS 

Screen Time is one of the best features introduced by Apple to iOS in the recent past. A lot of people praised this feature. As a result, Apple has taken appropriate measures to introduce Screen Time to Mac OS as well. It will come along with the all new Mac OS Catalina. By using this feature, you will be able to get a better overall understanding on how you are spending your time with different apps. You will also be able to get a better understanding about monitor usage and schedule downtime with the help of Screen Time feature. 

  • Enhanced privacy and security 

Mac OS has always maintained an excellent reputation for the enhanced privacy and security offered. Mac OS Catalina has been able to take that to the next level. In other words, Mac OS Catalina comes with enhanced protection against Mac OS tampering. Therefore, you can make sure that all the apps that you have in your Mac are safe. This can also help you to keep the peace of mind because you know that no other person can gain access to data that you have stored on the Mac. Even if your Mac gets stolen, you have a better chance of finding it. 

  • Voice Control 

Last but not least, the new Mac OS Catalina comes with impressive voice control features. You will be able to navigate through your Mac with the power of your voice. It provides rich text editing features and improved dictation as well. Therefore, you will be able to make writing more efficient with the help of Mac OS Catalina. 

Final Words 

If you are ready to go ahead and embrace these features, you can keep your fingers crossed. Then you can upgrade your MacBook to Mac OS Catalina as soon as it is released.

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