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Technology is a promising field and has been since time immemorial. It is amazing how innovations keep coming up every other day. When you thought the world is saturated with creations that no man can think beyond the current inventions, something spectacular just comes up. Even with these creations, there are levels of quality, pricing, and many other classification criteria consumers use to settle for a product. The best decisions are made based on concrete information available. One source of this critical data is Linus Tech Tips. The YouTube channel is all about technology and is one of four created and managed by Linus Sebastian.


About the Channel

Linus Tech Tips has about eleven million subscribers. The growing platform has had over 3.6 billion views since its launch in 2007. It is the most subscribed and viewed channel out of the four running and controlled by the August 1986 born Linus Sebastian. Besides, it was the first to hit the 100,000 subscribers mark in 2011. The fan base kept growing, and in 2014, the number hit 1,000,000. Six years later in 2020, the channel registered 10,000,000 + subscribers. The channel is the only one ran by Linus that has hit the 10 million subscribers’ mark.

What was the inspiration behind the formation of these channels? The founder was a presenter at NCIX between the years 2007 and 2015. At the moment, NCIX is defunct. From his time working for this retailer, he must have noted one or two things. It is with this knowledge he identified the gaps available and decided to come up with a solution.

Since 2014, the channel has been receiving recognition from all over the world. In 2014, it was considered part of the best top 1% channels Google preferred for ads. This recognition wasn’t a mean feat. It is 2020, and the Linus Tech Tips youtube channel comes fourth in the list of the most-watched tech channels.


About the Founder

The life of the Linus Tech Tips youtube channel depends on its founder known as Linus Sebastian. The tech enthusiast has had a fine time running his channel, although it took time and effort to get to where the channel is at the moment.

Born in Canada, the tech presenter works and lives in Canada. He married Yvonne Ho in 2011. Born in 1986, he balances well his career and personal life as well. Although he continues to grow in fame, he tries much to keep his personal life out of the limelight. A fine technique to use if you want to lead a happy life and family when famous.

When it comes to fame, you get attacks and love in equal measure. Hate is inevitable, and that is why you want to protect your loved ones from online bullies and other abuses celebrities face. Linus is doing just that as he continues to grow his already successful channel. His deep and wide knowledge of technology seems to be doing him a lot of good.


The Linus Website is his brand’s website. A brand that is identical to the owner. In today’s world, you cannot afford to own a brand without a website representation. Most websites today have been monetized by the owners, and they use their influence to make money.

For a YouTube channel owner like Linus, a website is a fine way to make more money and keep his audience engaged. While YouTube allows audience engagement, a website offers better tools to interact with your listeners.

The Linus website has everything you need to know about his brand. On the website, the projects they have and are planning to do are all listed. Besides, the Linus media team comprising writers, editors, cinematographers, accountants, and others is listed.

Linus is the CEO with her wife Yvonne Ho, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Chief Operations Officer (COO) is Nick Light, and the rest of the team is named on the website. The sponsors of this organization have also been highlighted on the site. It doesn’t end there; the site has testimonials with praises for the team. This educative site also gives the latest news on technology.


Job Opportunities

Linus Media Group is not only a tech informer; it is also a great employer. On their site is a tab for job openings, accessible from the menu bar top right of the website. From here, you get access to the latest job opportunities on offer. The qualifications are listed, and the application channel is also provided.

The jobs are diverse and cut across multiple disciplines. If you have the right qualifications, you have the freedom to apply. The employer gives equal opportunities to all. Besides, you never know just when it is your time to shine. If it has come, nothing will stop you from landing a prestigious job with Linus.


LTX Expo

Sebastian and his team not only inform the world about technology but also appreciate the discipline. The team organizes annual LTX Expo events that celebrate tech, gaming, and computer hardware. Tech enthusiasts, YouTubers among others, get an invitation to the event. For the 2020’s event, plans were already underway until the coronavirus pandemic happened. In fact, some had already purchased tickets for the event.

The event involves gaming tournaments, workshops, panel interactions, and many more. More awareness is raised about technology as well as the celebration of the discipline. The event is major and continues to gain popularity with every other edition held.



Linus Tech has grown from a tech presenter to the CEO of the Linus Media Group. He serves as the CEO of the team as his wife holds the position of CFO. With Nick, the COO, the three lead an able team. The Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel is the most successful brand sold by the organization. They own other channels, too, and the goal is to create awareness of the technology. They do so with passion, and it pays off. 

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