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Kubuntu Linux has also received a lot of attention in the recent past as a stable operating system. It is based on the software repositories of Ubuntu. Kubuntu Linux was more popular than Ubuntu because it came along with proprietary software and media codecs by default. At the moment, Kubuntu Linux has its own identity, and you will not see a desktop similar to the ones that you see in Ubuntu. The process of releasing software updates is different, and you will not be provided with automatic upgrades.  

What exactly is Kubuntu?

Kubuntu is a fully open-source operating system available for you to get and use as of now. As you can guess by the name, this operating system has been developed around the Linux kernel. Therefore, you can experience the benefits that come along with the stability and safety of Linux. On the other hand, you can expect to discover the Ubuntu Philosophy within Kubuntu. Hence, you can get hold of all the software you want into the operating system free of charge. Furthermore, people with disabilities and people who speak different languages will be able to go ahead and get the maximum support offered out of Kubuntu. 

What makes Kubuntu Linux different? 

Kubuntu Linux is quite different from the other operating systems that you can find. When you compare Kubuntu Linux with the other mainstream operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows, you can find numerous differences. However, there are some similarities as well. For example, there is a graphical interface offered by Kubuntu Linux. It is the same graphical interface that you are used to. 

A large number of software applications are available for Kubuntu Linux as well. They are quite similar to the software applications you use daily, including photo editors, word processors, and video editors. You will also be able to find how the creators of Kubuntu Linux are offering these software applications in most of the instances as well.

While keeping those similarities in mind, you need to look at the differences that come along with Kubuntu Linux. The most noticeable difference with Kubuntu Linux is that it is an open-source operating system. In other words, code used for the development of Kubuntu Linux is freely available on the internet. Therefore, any person will be able to use it. You just need to have the right skill, and you can get the most out of the code and get useful work done at the end of the day.

You can find many different Kubuntu Linux operating systems. However, all those different operating systems are common in general. That’s because they have the same core. In addition, you are provided with excellent customization capabilities by Kubuntu Linux. This factor has contributed heavily towards the popularity. For example, you can swap out the web browsers, word processors, and other applications that are included in Kubuntu Linux. But, on the other hand, you will be able to unlock new possibilities with the help of Kubuntu Linux as well.

The name of Kubuntu

The name of Kubuntu looks pretty much similar to Ubuntu. In fact, Kubuntu is based upon the Ubuntu operating system. However, Kubuntu will be offering the latest IDE packages to you. The meaning of Kubuntu is “Towards humanity.” This adheres to the main reason why this open-source software is available in the market as well. 

Features of Kubuntu

One of the very first things to note when you are going through the features of Kubuntu is that it is always free of charge for the users. Even in the future, Kubuntu will be free of charge. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about spending your money unnecessarily as you get hold of it. You can keep peace of mind and continue to use what Kubuntu is offering. 

Another great feature that you can find in Kubuntu is that it is good with translations. It is providing you with access to an excellent accessibility infrastructure as well. This is an outstanding feature that you can expect to receive out of the free software. You will be able to continue to use Kubuntu for a more extended period. It will deliver all the benefits that you wish to get as well.

Releases for Kubuntu are offered regularly. If you keep on tracking the disclaimers, you might even be able to predict when the next release is out for Kubuntu as well. This is because all the releases that will be made available to Kubuntu are highly stable. Therefore, whenever a new release is out, you will not have to worry too much about upgrading to it. Another great thing about Kubuntu is that all the releases will be provided with extended support for up to 18 months. You can get the maximum out of Kubuntu because of this comprehensive support that is available to you.

When you deep dive and take a look at the principles of Kubuntu, you will figure out how all of them are adhering to the basic principles of open-source software. Therefore, all the people looking forward to starting using open source software can look at Kubuntu and get the maximum returns offered out of it. 

Final words

Kubuntu is open and available to all the people interested in getting hold of the operating system. If you are impressed with what you can get along with Kubuntu, you should go ahead and try it. You will be able to get a decent experience as you explore the features that are coming along with Kubuntu. On the other hand, you can assure to have a long journey with Kubuntu because releases will be coming to you along with time. 

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