Microservice architecture based on containers has been able to create a strong impact on the way how developers engage with the process of developing software. In fact, it has positively impacted the way how the development teams are working along with operations teams in order to deploy software to live environments. 

Along with the utilization of containers, developers and operations teams have found it as an easy task to scale the applications that are being developed and deployed. However, the usage of containers have brought in a unique set of challenges as well. In fact, it has introduced the complexity associated with creating a completely new infrastructure ecosystem. That’s where kubernetes come into play.

What is kubernetes

Kubernetes can simply be defined as a container orchestration platform. This is an open source platform, which was developed by Google. It has the ability to automate scaling, deployment and management of the containerized applications in an effective manner. 

Along with the introduction of kubernetes, both developers and operations teams have found it as an easy task to deploy the applications and operate them, while working along with the microservice architecture. In other words, it has been able to eliminate the issues that are linked with the microservice architecture, which delivers people with a variety of possibilities. You just need to keep on exploring those possibilities, so that you will be able to end up with securing the best possible results that are sent on your way.

What can you do with kubernetes

Whether you are a developer or you are working for an operations team, you will be able to get numerous work done with the help of kubernetes. Here is a list of some of the possibilities that are introduced to you with kubernetes.

  • You will be able to take better control over resource consumption with the help of kubernetes. In fact, the consumption of resources by a team or an application can be controlled.
  • You can use kubernetes and spread the load of the application evenly throughout host architecture with ease.
  • Kubernetes will provide you with the functionality to automate load balancing requests. You can expect this functionality to happen across many different instances that are linked with an application.
  • While using kubernetes, you will be able to keep an eye on resource consumption. In addition to that, you will also be able to get the resource limits to get the applications to stop consuming the resources unnecessarily. It will be able to automate the process of restarting the application in case if such a thing happens.
  • Another prominent application delivered by kubernetes is that it has the ability to help the operations teams with moving an application from a single host to another host. Assume that you come across a situation where there aren’t enough resources available in the host. In such a situation, you will come across the need to move the application to a new host. This job can be done with ease along with the support that you receive out of kubernetes. You can also ensure that the host is moved if the current host dies. Therefore, you will be able to keep the hosted application up and running at all times.
  • If additional resources are available, kubernetes will be able to help you with leveraging them automatically. In addition to that, it is possible to add new resources when a new host is added into the cluster.
  • On top of everything, developers and operations teams will assist you to ensure that rollbacks and canary deployments can be done without facing any issues. 

What makes kubernetes popular? 

Kubernetes is a popular orchestration platform that you can find out there in the world. Development teams across the world are using kubernetes to make their lives easy with software deployments. There are few prominent factors, which contribute a lot towards the popularity of kubernetes. Here is a list of some of the most prominent factors out of them. You can go through this list of factors and check if you are interested in using kubernetes for your application deployments as well.

  • Kubernetes will be able to help you with moving faster 

Along with the help of kubernetes, you will be provided with the opportunity to move faster without any issues. That’s because kubernetes will be allowing you to deliver a Platform as a Service, which is in a position to develop the hardware layer abstraction, which is needed by application development teams. Therefore, you can make sure that your application development team has the possibility to efficiently and quickly request for the resources that are needed as well. 

Another prominent benefit linked with kubernetes is that it is a cost-efficient tool available for the development teams to consider. Any development team will be able to get maximum utilization of available resources and reduce the expenses that they have to deal with. In fact, the containers provided to you with kubernetes are extremely light in weight. They will require less computer resources such as memory and CPU as well.

  • Cloud service providers can assist you to manage kubernetes

Kubernetes can be considered as a standardized container orchestration tool available for you to consider. Due to the same reason, you will be able to get the cloud service providers to deliver the support and assistance that you need with managing kubernetes on behalf of you. They are familiar with kubernetes and they are using kubernetes on a regular basis. Hence, they will be able to provide you with kubernetes as a service. You can go for it and make your life easy while you are managing kubernetes.

Take a look at all these reasons and make the decision to move forward with kubernetes as your container orchestration platform. You will then be able to receive all benefits sent on your way.

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