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The US presidential election is one of the most highly contested ballot tussles in the world. This is expected as it is the only way to make it through to the world’s most powerful office. Come 2020 and we have the battle for America’s 46th president.
As I write this, Joe Biden is still at the lead with the incumbent, Donald Trump, chasing from quite a distant. It is now a few days since counting of votes started and it is starting to get more intense by day. So far, we’ve had both contestants make controversial remarks, Trump gone to court and even some supports run riot. While this was happening, the counting was going on with some supports demonstrating that “All Votes Count”, others, “Stop the Steal”.

People Are Getting Impatient
People are getting impatient with the winner yet to be announced days after the elections. The intensity is growing and that is why Facebook has decided to step in and save you some unnecessary pressure. The leading social media platform will notify its users through a notification and Newsfeed that US has found a new president. In addition to the notification will be a button to additional information with details of how the elections turned out.
Besides the notification on Facebook, you will receive another one on Instagram. Facebook has made clear their sources including Reuters and the Associated Press. According to, Facebook made an email communication which included ABC News, CNN, CBS and other leading news platforms as their source of information as far as the elections are concerned.

Technology Influence
Looking at the bigger picture, there’s more to this announcement via the Facebook and Instagram notification than what meets the eye. How Facebook will share real time information from these sources and announce the same on their platform and on time is a pointer to tech advancement. The giant social media platform hasn’t shared yet the technology they’ll use to enable this although they have given a reason for making this decision.
Apparently, there is so much misinformation that there’s need for a reliable source to feed the public with accurate information. Facebook has taken the responsibility to share the correct information and on time to ensure everyone stays informed. This is how impactful technology can be today.
Just the other day, Facebook got rid of a certain group and movement on their platform that was inciting others about the apparent stealing of votes. It is amazing how it has taken Facebook so little time to come up with a counteractive move that will not only end baseless incitements but also lead in giving facts.

Facebook might have announced the sharing of news of the projected winner. But, they are doing more than the announcement. You can be sure your account will be restricted if you share or be the source of misleading information. Besides, sharing labeled information has been made almost impossible. Furthermore, footages of live elections have been significantly restricted to avoid fueling avoidable conflicts.

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