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One of the pros of the android operating system is the fact that it is readily customizable. The Android OS allows users to change their device’s look to suit them better, which other smartphone platforms don’t allow.  Still, on the topic of customization, android keyboards may be one of the most important choices you make on your phone. They help you create various forms of text, and they help boost the speed and accuracy with which you use your phone to communicate, depending on the keyboard you choose. Android keyboards are really useful because they can see everything you type, from passwords to social security numbers, and help you auto-fill forms or reuse your catchphrases quickly.

The fact android keyboard can see everything you type means that they hold your valuable information. This is why it’s important to have a keyboard you trust and like. You have to choose a keyboard application that meets your personal requirements and is trustworthy s you don’t lose your information to scammers and the like. With this n mind, I have compiled a list of some of the best android keyboard apps that are trustworthy and will keep your android phone chic and personalized.


Gboard, abbreviated from “Google keyboard,” is among the best keyboards for Android devices. Made by the same company that owns the android OS, Gboard packs a wide array of useful functions for typing and numerous customizable themes and modes. Gboard has the backing of one of the world’s largest tech companies, and so it is growing every day and adapting to the times. To top this all off, Gboard doesn’t have any features hidden behind microtransactions, and all its services are free.

Download Gboard now on Google Play Store


Similar to Gboard, Microsoft’s SwiftKey is among the best keyboards for Android devices. Back in the 2010s, SwiftKey was the single best keyboard for the Android OS. As time went on, it dwindled a bit and allowed another keyboard to outshine it. In recent years, though, SwiftKey has reclaimed its throne at the top alongside Gboard. SwiftKey has all the features you would expect from a smartphone keyboard, and in recent years, it has become entirely free.

Download SwiftKey now on Google Play Store


If you’re looking for a little splash of color on your keyboard, then Chrooma is for you. It has a wide range of color schemes and can be set to change colors for each app. It also has an interesting night mode scheme. Chrooma definitely wears the crown when it comes to visual aesthetics on an android keyboard. Chrooma is a one-time $10 purchase keyboard.

Download Chrooma now on Google Play Store


Fleksy is another great keyboard app for android users. It doesn’t have the modern swiping on word feature, but if you prefer pecking away at your keyboard, then this is for you. Fleksy has several fun features and customizable options, although its auto-correction system tends to get really aggressive when using non-standard jargon.

Download Fleksy now on Google Play Store

Grammarly Keyboard

Now, this is a handy keyboard that everyone should have. While the Grammarly keyboard doesn’t really have large customization features, it makes up for that by having the literal best spelling and grammar check system on an android keyboard. Grammarly is perfect for writing professional articles and reports and should always be kept as a secondary keyboard on your phone when you’re trying to sound smart or avoid mistakes.

Download Grammarly keyboard  now on Google Play Store


onboard is a trusted third-party android keyboard. Being open-source, OpenBoard is constantly updated, and its bugs are fixed regularly. Again, as an open-source program, you can track what updates are coming and what bug issues have already been filed. It doesn’t have a swipe feature and is preferable peckers. 

Download OpenBoard now on Google Play Store

AI Type Keyboard

AI Type Keyboard is another one of the older android keyboards. However, it still has all the features of a modern keyboard, including word prediction, auto-complete, emoji, and keyboard customization. The AI-type keyboard also has tons of customizable themes, so you can always try something new. It has an 18 day trial period, after which you pay $3.99 to continue using all the features.

Download AI Type Keyboard now on Google Play Store

AnySoft Keyboard

AnySoft Keyboard is a simple free to use keyboard with many features for android keyboard. It has a fully functional plug-in system that supports add-ons for various languages. It comes with numerous, adaptive, and unusual stuff like arrows, undo and redo, making it a standard keyboard for multilingual users.

Download AnySoft Keyboard now on Google Play Store


FancyFey, like Chrooma, focuses on customization options, themes, and other visual aspects. It has a gallery of over 50 themes, 70 fonts, and 3,200 emoji and emoticons. These features make it visually appealing, and while it’s not the most powerful keyboard, it does offer auto-correct and auto-suggestion features, gesture typing, and support for 50 languages. It has a few bugs, but those will be ironed out in upcoming updates.

Download FancyFey now on Google Play Store

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard is another great keyboard app that has something for every type of keyboard user. With its own unique slew of emojis, stickers, GIFs, themes, and even games, it is bound to have something to perk your interest. Ginger uses a modern Artificial intelligence system to learn to adapt to your writing and learn your writing tendencies. It’s one of the few keyboards that actually get smarter as you use it.

Download Ginger Keyboard now on Google Play Store

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