Established in the year 2000, JetBrain focuses of making professional software development a more productive and enjoyable experience.  JetBrain is a high tech software dealers specialized in fabrication of intelligent development tool. They have successfully automated repetitive tasks done by developers. 

In software development, repetitive task consumes a lot of time that would have been used on developing quality of the code design. JetBrain has therefore developed tools that take away the burden of writing the repetitive code. With JetBrain developers’ tools, developers can now spend time on code design and focus on the big picture with enhanced code bases and exploration. The developers who use JetBrain tools familiarize with the code faster.


JetBrain has come a long way since it was established back in the year 2000. With advancement in technology over the years, each year sees JetBrain grow and produce more tools while introducing new technologies.

When JetBrain started, they only had one Integrated Development Environment, IntelliJ Software, written in Java for developing computer software. With time, JetBrain has integrated new sites, Space, IDE themes & font, education, partner and open source. Today fun is the order of the day at JetBrain with 28 developer software tools having been developed. JetBrain celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020 with style and with the aim of keeping the mentality and enthusiasm of its founders. 

Having started as small startup in Prague by three software developers: Sergey Dmitriev, Valentin Kipyatkov and Eugene Belyaev, JetBrain is today a home of more than 990 employees. JetBrain continues expanding its operations and has managed to set foot on 9 countries opening offices in each.  

Today, the employees seek to share the vision of the founders, The Drive to Develop, with over 8 million users from all around the world. JetBrain provides their products to more than 20,000 companies.  


JetBrain is headquatered in Prague, Czech Republic with 9 offices in other different countries. All the offices are under the executive team in Prague. The executive team include

  • Maxim Shafirov – Chief Executive Officer
  • Oleg Stepanov – Ex-Co-CEO
  • Sergey Dmitriev – Co-founder, President
  • Hadi Hariri – Developer & Technical Evangelist
  • Svetlana Isakova – Software Developer
  • Andrei Ivanov – Chief Operating Officer
  • Valentin Kipiatkov – Co-founder, JetBrains Fellow

With the above official leading the company, JetBrain has more than 990 employees who work together to deliver quality products that have received several awards. It goes without saying that establishment and success of such an organization that has seen its products being used by big tech companies, such as google, must have a strong execute team leading a team of strong and brilliant individuals.



JetBrains offers a portfolio of products ranging from Intergrated Development Environment (IDEs) and tools for developing desktop, mobile and web applications that support new technologies, languages and frameworks, as well as teamware solutions. The intelligent development tools include:

  • AppCode
  • CLion
  • DataGrip
  • dotCover
  • dotMemory
  • dotPeek
  • dotTrace
  • GoLand
  • Hub
  • TeamCity
  • Upsource
  • WebStorm


The quality of the products at JetBrain is evident. More than 100 of the 500 top fortune firms are known to use JetBrain products. In its product JetBrain has opensource products. The open source product provides the company with the ability to attract a wide variety of brilliant brains to help study, change, develop and distribute the software. The open source products have developed a thriving community around JetBrain because its reliable following reviews and modification from different people. 

Products such as Kotlin language is used by Google for Android mobile development. The JetBrain products have different licenses options and differ in their prices and terms of use. The products are available as hosted and installed versions and have free versions for individuals and small ventures. JetBrain ship their products worldwide 24/7. The open source products are however free.

Target market

Developers and Programmers are the basic target market for JetBrain products. However, all computer companies and ventures are also major target for this company. Digital revolution has seen the use JetBrain products on a very huge demand. JetBrain have even had companies that are going digital using their product. Campanies in banking sector and government sectors are using JetBrain product. Today JetBrain has recorded 22,654 companies using JetBrain products. Their tools are used all over the world. Big companies such Google, NASA, Samsung and others use JetBrain tools.



JetBrain website, being a software developers’ website, is very colorful and neatly organized. The first encounter in the website, is the key products offered by JetBrain with buttons to learn more. At the top right corner is the navigation bar that helps access what you are looking for in the website. 

The buttons in the navigation bar provides all the tools available for the development. The buttons open a drop down menu upon pointing making it easy for the visitor to see all products under the tools, languages, solution, support and store.

Events are major part of every company and providing updates and milestones are the most visible and variable indicators of progress. When you scroll down the website, the next thing after the product, is updates on JetBrain milestones. Communty support and followers also establishes trust for the website visitors. The website has highlighted the numbers of supporters of JetBrain and reviews from people who have previously used their products. JetBrains is ranked 4,610 among websites globally based on its 11,503,559 monthly web visitors.

The website not only displays their products but also their customers. They have also provided links for their TV, students packages and Scholaship. Last but not least, JetBrain provides links to their social media handles at the bottom of the website. The website provides an all-inclusive experience that is very clear and easy to master at one glance.


JetBrain has automated routine checks and corrections of their products, speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create. The open source products receive reviews and inputs from other brilliant developers from all over the world making their products reliable. 

They have provided terms and condition for consumer protection. Their products and licensed. 

JetBrain provide a community program for training. In addition, they have a support button in their website for sale support, product support and the community program support.


With the great need for all sectors to migrate to the digital world, migration may prove costly and time consuming. However, JetBrain provide an already built solution for all sectors. Developers can now specialize and take their time in developing organization specific code. JetBrains has already take care of the nitty gritties of the repetitive tasks of developing the software. 

Having big companies such as Google using JetBrain products proves how reliable their products are. 

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