JavaScript (JS) – Programming Language

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a programming language that has been used primarily on the web. It is mainly used for client-side scripting, to interact with the user and make a website interactive—for example, alerting them of new messages or tracking their browsing patterns. It has a reputation as a “scripting language” since its primary purpose is to run scripts on websites. Javascript is an interpreted computer programming language. It is most commonly used as part of web pages, but can also be used to create stand-alone programs. Javascript is a very simple language. It was developed in 1995 by Brendan Eich, which is the same year Netscape Navigator became available. This low-level language was designed precisely for web developers because it has an extremely small footprint (a single ‘file’ called javascript.js can do everything that a large number of executable files would do.) Javascript is an object-oriented programming language, and is therefore made up of objects and functions: Javascript does not come with built-in variables like C and C++. Instead, variables are declared and their properties (data) accessed at runtime; there is no declaration phase or assignment phase like in many other languages.

What skills can I learn from JavaScript?

There are many skills you could learn from Javascript: CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, HTML frameworks such as AngularJS, and progressive web apps such as Flux will require you to work with Javascript in some capacity. JS frameworks such as React is JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is most commonly used with React Native. React Native enables you to build native apps using only JavaScript, and it is developed by Facebook. Javascript is probably the most widely-known programming language of all time, which means that it can be very useful when learning any other programming language. Also, while its use on the web has been declining in recent years, it has a lot of support from a very large community which can make it a great way to learn how to share code online. JS frameworks such as Meteor are used to build real-time web applications or hybrid mobile applications using only HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

How is JavaScript created?

Programmers use several software programs that can write JavaScript code. These are then saved into text files with the extension of .js or .jsm. The text files are stored on servers on the internet, where they can be accessed by other people and viewed in their web browser. 

What languages are like JavaScript?

Javascript is similar to HTML in terms of syntax; unlike HTML, which consists of tags, JavaScript contains objects. JavaScript has classes, which are similar to OOP (object-oriented programming) which you will do when you learn C# (C Sharp). 

What software applications can be written using JavaScript?

Anything that can run in a browser can probably be written with javascript. This means that You can write your browser extension, or you could write a simple calculator as an online-only app.

JS frameworks such as Angular JS allow you to create real-time applications.

What is the difference between JavaScript and HTML? 

Javascript is a programming language used to make dynamic pages on the web. It is used for interaction with your website, and it tells the computer what certain things on a page should do when a user clicks them. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is a syntax for adding content to your web pages. When you have finished making all of your content, then you put it into HTML so that people can see it in their browser. JS frameworks such as Backbone.js are used to organize your code. It acts as a “glue” between your data and the views/pages you load in the browser. JS frameworks such as Angular JS are used to create real-time applications

What is Backbone?

Javascript Frameworks, or libraries, help provide a structure to your application or website that “gives” it a backbone! Backbone is a javascript framework that allows you to structure your app using Models, Collections, and Views. It also provides a Router for running against single-page applications (SPA) allowing you to navigate from page to page with ease. 

What is Angular JS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for building mobile apps. It works on the very top level of any mobile application (called the view layer). AngularJS can be used independently or with other frameworks like React Native. Currently, it works best with Android-based devices, but can also work on iPhones with some alterations to work around Apple’s strict type checking.


  • Js can be used for mobile application development. js is easy to learn and use. Javascript is a strong tool when it comes to building mobile apps.
  • The majority of web applications are built in java. The benefits of using JavaScript include the ability to write code once and have it run on every device supported by the server and to quickly prototype an online application with little or no coding at all.
  • People can use Javascript with HTML5. The document outlines how these three languages are used together, and gives examples of how to create animations using them. It is called HTML5 Apps with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Many websites on the internet use Javascript extensively.

JavaScript: How does one learn it?

Learning Javascript means learning the fundamentals and syntax involved in creating a webpage. JavaScript can be learned through classes provided at the university level that teach basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, operations, lists, arrays, objects, loops, and more. Learning Javascript for the beginner entails mainly being able to create a web page, that is, being capable of producing web content that changes according to the user’s actions.


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