Is New Job Posting giving Hope to PUBG Mobile players? Will PUBG Mobile be Unbanned in India?

PUBG Mobile is the most famous as well as the most chaotic game. It is equally loved by people all over the world. But, in some countries like India, PUBG Mobiles has a very unexpected ban. The ban was imposed by the Government of India about a month ago. It was listed in 118 Chinese apps that were suspended all over India. Chaos between China and India brought this ban to several apps, and PUBG Mobile was one.  The ban just came after the brutish attempt of data collection against India from China.

This decision not only affected the economy of both countries and also the professional players. India’s government tried to ban all the apps developed by Chinese publishers. However, in all these scenarios, the public showed different reactions. Right after the ban, some people started to play PUBG Mobile by using a VPN. On the other hand, the patriotic ones refused to use it for the sake of their beloved country. Apart from playing PUBG on mobiles, some fans went to play the desktop version of PUBG that is still accessible. 

After the ban, fans are still waiting for the unbanning of PUBG Mobile. In recent weeks, there have been many hypotheses about its return. In the long list of speculation, the one that came on the 20th of October 2020 is the biggest and gives more hope to the fans. The PUBG Mobile developers posted a new vacancy on LinkedIn. In the job description, they are seeking an associate-level manager in that country where it is banned. That’s somehow weird and exciting. Fans are hoping that maybe it will help to lift the ban over the game. They are taking it as the earliest step in the unbanning progression, and it may be available again. But, let me clear one thing, they did not mention that the job is for PUBG Mobile. 

They listed the associate-level manager job. Posting a big job does not mean that it will bring some changes in government policies. However, according to PUBG crop, the Senior Associate Manager will be responsible for ‘’overall mergers and acquisitions and investment strategy’’. He will support the setup process of PUBG India with guidance from HQ. The job’s overall description made it clear that they still believe in taking India as the valuable market for all its services and with the burgeoning number of fans that are hooked up to PUBG.

Well, that is the most expected thing in a country with a large population. From all this, it is the obvious thing the company will be heading towards the solution of all the problems with the government of India. It’s their business they would be keener to resolve the matters and make it available at the Playstore again. It will be more interesting to see officially that the job posting would bring it officially available for PUBG Mobile fans or not? 


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