Best android apps for investments

Our modern smartphones can do more than be phones. While they still make calls and send text messages like old devices, they can be so much more. A modern smartphone has enough juice to replace a small workstation. Smartphones can replace computers, even in professional fields. Our smartphones, when used right, can literally double our productivity.

That being said, you have to actually know what to do with your phones for them to be effective. Knowing what app or what peripheral to install on your device can make all the difference. Today, I’ll be enlightening you on what apps you should have on your phone to make investments. As we all know, money begets money, and as such, you should be prepared to put in some cash to start earning with these apps. Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the best android apps to start investing or trading with.


Acorns is a business app that uses a simple principle. With Acorns, you invest your money in tiny bits at a time. In this business module, a small fraction of each of your expenses is taken by Acorns. With these minimal funds, Acorns invests them in various businesses and markets with the idea being to make you money. They take as little as $0.05 per transaction and use that to invest. Acorns is an easy way to invest without being too serious about it. With Acorns, not only do you save little by little, but you also earn overtime for something much later on. 

Download from the Google Play Store now investing apps, as the name implies, is a website where various investments are made. This site has two major apps for making investments. The two apps are inclined in different directions as one is a typical stock market app that features news about stocks, Forex, and all kinds of other stuff; the other app focuses more on Cryptocurrency featuring things like exchange rates, news, and it also tracks stuff other than Bitcoin such as Ethereum and many others. They are both great apps that keep you posted on all the updates in the financial world. If you want to be constantly updated on all things financially, you should have this on your device.

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JStock is one of the less popular investment apps on the list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial. With stock, you gain access to 28 different stock markets, features to analyze your stocks, and even a charted history dating back ten years so you can check stock histories. As usual, you can also manage your portfolio and dividends as well. The premium version gives you access to cloud storage integration, unlocked features, and unlimited amounts of some free version features. This app also has a news section, so you’re always updated. 

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M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a simple investment app. All you have to do with this app is to input your portfolio, and the company itself manages everything. M1 Finance lets you set automatic deposits, review all of your portfolio’s statistics, and even transfer stuff like 401Ks and IRAs. It also has a fully functional loan service, stats about various stock prices, retirement planning, SPIC insurance, and more. There are no extra charges on the money you make, but this is an investment app; there’s always a chance that you might not get your money back. This also means that there’s a chance that you can make a lot more than what you put in. That’s the risk of investing.

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stocks is a new investment app that gives users a wide range of features, including real-time quotes and charts of stocks, funds, ETFs, currency exchanges, futures, and more. It has an interesting alarm system that alerts you when a certain stock reaches a certain price for better or worse. With a simple interface, MyStocks is a useful investment app that deserves its place on this list.

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NetDania Forex & Stocks

NetDania Forex & Stocks is one of the highest-rated apps for investing. The app provides users with basic information on 10,000 stocks, 2,000 currency pairs, and 20,000 financial instruments overall. NetDania lets you see country-specific economic news and save information on the stuff in your portfolio.

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Robinhood is a commission-free investment app that features intelligent stock buying options, tons of information, and various tools to manage your portfolio. Robinhood helps you make better decisions by giving you useful graphs and stats.

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SigFig Wealth Management

SigFig is an investment app that lets you check up on stock prices and track your investments. It also lets you invest directly. SigFig collects 0.25% per year as a fee for your investments. This app smoothly juggles looking good with pumping out a lot of information. It’s not very popular, but it is very efficient and good looking.

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StockTwits is another well-designed investment app that features a clean Material Design interface that is very enjoyable to use. These good looks aren’t a compromise as the app features the ability to create stock watch lists, check trending stocks, and sort stocks by their gains and losses over a set period of time.  It can be used alongside Robinhood. This app goes out of its way to keep everything rather streamlined.

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Financial companies investing apps

This is a bonus because most major investment companies have their own apps. Using these to invest requires a solid foundation, but they still work well. If you want to start investing in companies like; E*Trade, Scottrade, and Ameritrade, you should check out their official apps.

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