Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

You absolutely hate that when you make a hundred attempts to take a wonderful photo, but the camera of your phone disappoints you. We are the photogenic generation. In the past, people were fond of taking photos through cameras. But, with the revolution in technology, we have cameras in our smartphones. Just with one click, we have our photos. Selfie is the latest trend, and we are obsessed with it. Apart from this, we all love to apply some funky filters.

These filters make the photos more enchanting and appealing. If you are also a selfie lover and want to edit your photos, you are in the right place. This article will tell you about the top 10 best photo editing apps for Android users. All these apps are available on the Google play store. So, you can download them.

Best Android Photo Editor Apps

Choosing the best photo editor for your phone’s a tough challenge for you. Because you will find a lot of different photo editing apps. There are a huge number of photo editing apps specially designed for Android phones. The following apps are the best apps for your phone.

Aviary photo editor

It is a famous photo editor with an amazing set of features. This app helps us to adjust the color, brightness, temperature, contrast, and more. The aviary photo editor app provides us stickers, filters, and cosmetic tools such as red-eye fixing and teeth whitener, etc. You can download this app from the google play app very easily.

Fotor photo editor

Fotor photo editor is an amazing part of this list of the best photo editing apps. Many lists make sure that this app must be chosen as one of the best photo editing apps. This app consists of many other tools such as crop, rotate, brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. Except for these features, there are more than 100 filters that you can use to modify your snap. But this app is more expensive than other photo editing apps.


LightX is a newly launched app. It has got a lot of fame on the internet. This app has a few quite amazing features different from other apps. It has a background changing tool, color effect. LightX app also has a range of slider tools like color balance, levels, and curves.  You can also merge different photos. It also offers you blur features, photo collages, shape manipulation, and stickers. In short, it should be among the top 5 photo editing apps.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor

PhotoDirector photo editing app is another app that is good for those who really want something more than filters. Just like Fortor, this app focuses more on manual enhancement rather than filters. Moreover, you also have access to HSL sliders, RGB color channels, white balance, etc. It also offers sliders for tone, brightness, darkness, and contrast for more in-depth editing. This one is pretty good for editing your photos.

Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effect Pro app is absolutely an editing app for those who love to play with filters, stickers, and effects. It consists of more than 40 filters and effects for its users. This amazing app also has the ability to add text and frames as well. All these features make your photos more wonderful than you want. If you want to make the picture unique, you can use finger paint on it. There are many photo editing tools. So, it is a great app for little budget holders.


This app is useful for active users of Twitter and Instagram. One of the most amazing things that there is no restriction on the image size. It allows you to improve the brightness, contrast, and size, etc… There is a wide range of free portrait editing. You can also change the facial features by using this useful app. So, this app is a game-changer for all the people who are involved in social networks. You can add blush, lipstick, and shadow with this app.


It is the most powerful tool with a wide range of filters. In the past, it was only useful for iOS users, but then they adjusted it for Android users too. Snapseed is useful for all the people involved in the uncomplicated editing of selfies and photos in a hurry. They also provide RAW-files support. You can get tools for cropping, sharpening, color correction, and add artistic elements. If you want, you can change the entire image or the selected portion of it.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt photo studio is a powerful artistic tool that helps digital artists to create unusual images and photographic images. PicsArt app allows us to support brushes and layers. PicsArt camera offers you to use effects in real-time. This setting will absolutely affect the performance of your camera. If your device is not powerful enough, it will be easier to take a photo and apply the effect on an already saved snap. Therefore, this editor is best adapted for Android.

PicLab Photo Editor

When you work with this app, you will enjoy a set of functions. It gives us all the necessary tools to edit our pictures. Its templates will also please the eye. PicLab is especially useful to the fans of memes. The text can be created in many layers. And the number of these layers is not limited by the program.


Pixlr is an awesome app to edit photos. The mobile version of this app contains enormous professional photo editing software functions. But it is straightforward to use. It helps to use options for quick picture enhancement. The features of the app are in between Fortor and Aviary. Based on the foregoing, the app can be added to the best photo editing apps list.

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