This American YouTuber is also a TV host as well as an actress. A deadly combination as far as influence and online traction is concerned. Fast forward to her channel; she has billions of views. A feat she has not accomplished in a day. The journey started back in 2006, and two centuries later, she is a force to reckon with. Born in 1984, Justine knows just how to harvest subscribers and viewers. Her ijustine.tv is the tool she uses to achieve this.

Early Life

As I write this, Justine Ezarik is living in her late thirties. Her three decades and more of experience in this life had a beginning. She went to Pittsburgh Technical Institute after clearing her high school life in Bentworth High. All along, it was clear she was gifted in her art, but no one knew she would have this influence. She is the daughter of a PE teacher and a coal miner. Careers that were in no way a match to Justine Ezarik.

Her leadership skills were there to be seen, and she was elected her class’ president while in school. Not only that, but she was also a volleyball player. She was good in class, had a fine personality, and thrived in sports too. Clearly, she was an all-around student. After clearing high school, Justine was fortunate to earn herself a scholarship. It was a great opportunity to excel even more.



  1. Ezarik is a jack of all trades. The only difference is she seems to be a mistress of all. She makes her prowess look easy and effortless. The best part is her ability to juggle between acting, hosting, publishing, and other specializations. Between 2004 and 2006, she did graphics design and aided in video production through her editing skills. This time, she was garnering capital and experience to start her own businesses.

The year that Justine started her YouTube channel is the same year she made it to the final list of Yahoo Talent Show. This was just the beginning of a great future. Justine was approaching her best years career-wise, and it was not long before she played a role in a TV series. These are the roles that played a major role in establishing the iJustine’s influence. With the fame she was gaining by day, it was easy to attract more followers.

In 2007, iJustine played a volunteer role on Justin Kan’s channel. According to her wisdom, Ezarik had been convinced Technology is the right topic to focus on. She did production on iPhone just about the time the tech giant debuted. Her video earned millions of views, and that did not go unrecognized. She would later receive a payout as a token of recognition and appreciation.

By the end of 2007, Ezarik had earned several recognitions and invitations. Great people don’t just attend events and shows; they get invited. iJustine’s greatness emerged as she earned several calls to attend several events and shows. Her exploits helped her get a contract offer from Xtra. The expert training organization had been impressed with her achievements and abilities. She was just a special kind of breed.

2017 saw Ezarik get Forbes’ recognition in the list of the ten best Business influencers. This was two years before her channel hit the one million subscribers’ mark. A feat not many individuals have managed. Apart from online activity, Ezarik is also an actress and has had a good acting career too.

iJustine appeared in The Wedding Ringer, Law & Order, Users, The Place is Right, and many other productions. Those were just a few picks of her glittering acting career. She appeared in more shows, movies, and other productions. Her influence propelled her to the best platforms, and she never disappointed.

Awards and Nominations

Acting, show hosting, and other creative productions have mostly been recognized the world over. Forbes, Oscars, MTV are some of the most popular awards and creative organizations in the world of production. Talent must be awarded, and these brands do so in the most pompous manner. Justine Ezarik has won several awards and several nominations.

In 2011, she won the Webby awards – Web personality category. In 2015, she won the Best Lifestyle Series- Streamy awards. 2016 saw Justine win the Streamy awards again for the Best Ensemble Cast category for different productions. She has won many others. In addition to that, she has earned many nominations. In 2010, Justin was nominated for Streamy awards – Best Vlogger awards. The same year saw Ezarik get a Teen Choice award in the Choice Web Star category. She only made it to the nominations list this time. The following year, she had come of age, and that is why she won the Webby award.

2012 to 2014 saw Justine get two Webby award nominations as well as Streamy awards. These were her unlucky years as she had to wait until 2015 to win another award since she last did that in 2011. When it rains, they say it pours, and that was Justine’s 2015 and 2016 years as she won back to back awards. A feat anyone would want.

It is not easy to win a nomination from a reputable awarding organization. It is even more challenging to win the award itself. Justine has not only earned nominations but also gone ahead and won them. This she has not done once. She has done it time and again.


YouTubing is gaining popularity by the day. Each other time, a new youtube joins the trend, and this makes the art more competitive. In competitions, only the strong triumph and Justine has done that. She has had a successful YouTubing career as well as other practices, for she is also an actress and a host. From these shows, she has earned quite a fortune as well as become famous and influential. Since launching her channel in 2006, she has seen her audience grow steadily, hitting a million subscribers in 2017 and headed to two million in 2020.

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