Huawei Product Scoops the Best Show Award

Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 cooped another award barely a year after it won a special prize in network infrastructure at Interop; The best of show award recognizes the product’s prowess in computing infrastructure. The product has been important in optical transmissions and especially so in the Japanese market. As more parts of the world continue to benefit from the gains brought about by OptiXtrans, the product continues to be appreciated the world over.

Massive Impact

Before OptiXtrans came to life, data centers were faced with latency, unreliability, and expensive transmissions. This caused inefficiencies and proved costlier. OptiXtrans’s entry changed this and improved how data centers do their transmissions. Huawei was happy to share this achievement with their online fans through their Twitter handle @HuaweiNetworks, on 21st April 2021. Check The Tokyo-based award appreciates the products bringing a massive change in the computing infrastructure field. To win the award, you have to be outstanding and influence the tech world positively.

Data Traffic Surge

Today, organizations are leveraging big data to make strategic decisions. On the same note, these organizations are creating tech products they use to solve today’s problems. Cloud computing is also being heavily relied on for data storage. According to projections, the world is and continues to experience data surges.

 GlobalData is projecting a 25.3% Compound Annual Growth Rate. This is massive and will see organizations utilizing this technology grow significantly. If translated in terms of revenue, this may go to about up to US$720. The projections are a show how much potential there is in this investment. When things are slow and inefficient, results are hard to come by. That is why this product has been appreciated.

High Rankings

Big data is taking the world by storm. The Data Center Interconnect assesses the competitive landscape and is good at that. The big data meter is one of those that highly rank this Huawei masterpiece. Architecture and performance are some of the factors to consider when determining the quality of a tech product, especially when big data is concerned. Other points in which this tech product scored well are the port capabilities and modularity. These are things that had been neglected for a while. With the award-winning Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 out of the cards, the situation has taken a sharp corner for the better.

You could also think about great network management and transport features as pointers of a great data management device. This one scores well too. The high rankings are not a favor from these rating companies but proof of greatness in the delivery of work from the development team.


This device can offer you speeds of up to 800 GBit/s per wavelength. For fiber transmissions, it could go up to 88 TBit/s. With such levels of speed, you can be sure to save your costs and expenditure by close to 60%. Such efficiency is rare to find today. That is why this product stands out from the rest. Other than speed, you will get a stable network with more than one interface. The fact that you will not deal with a product exhibiting latency makes things even better.

You will also marvel at the security this product offers. It has amazing security features you will love to enjoy. You can also use different domains with this product over extended distances and still enjoy these great features. The award is one of the many still to come. Time will tell how many more this product of excellence will earn. Well played Huawei!

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