How Big is the Mobile Gaming Market?

Well, we are advanced now. Everyone has skipped the Snake game on their phones. I still remember to play the Nokia phone games the famous Snake game and the puzzle Sudoku game. Now I see everyone is playing games on mobile. In my childhood, we were used to playing games on our personal computers. Then time flew up and everyone is having Pubg and candy crush on their smartphones. Now the app stores have introduced many sophisticated games for the users. Mobile gaming markets are sharing a big piece of market cake. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the mobile gaming market.

How Big is the Mobile Gaming Market now?

Mobile games are more sophisticated and they have improved the graphics. However, it cannot compete with the PC and console. These mobile games need more space and storage. But, better graphics and more options in mobile games attract people from all over the world. Well, according to the interest of the people the game developers use GPS service to develop location-based games. These games appeal to people more. These techniques and settings are impossible on your PC. These are only available on mobiles.

According to an estimate ta the end of this year 2019 the mobile gaming market will be of the $152 billion and in this figure total of $68.5 billion comes from the mobile games. The people are investing in this market mainly due to the many reasons: –

The mobile games account for 33 percent of all downloads from the app stores. This is the much bigger figure. From this the 74 of the customers spend apps and 10 percent of all time spent in the app are all the mobile games. According to an estimated, 2.4 billion people play games around the world which is the one-third figure of the total population around the world. Of course, this ration will increase in the coming years. 50 percent of the people who use mobile play these mobile games. These mobile apps are as popular as the music apps.

According to an estimate, most of the people spend more time on the mobile as compared to television. Mobile users spend eight more minutes per day. In 2021 they will spend 30 more-minute son their mobiles daily. Well, this thing grabs the attention of people to mobile games and they put the lion share in the market.

Different Genders play Different games:

People prefer to play easy and hyper-casual games. They love to spend time with games that are very easy to download and play. The games which are available in short session or levels are most appealing. They feel happy when they clear a session of the game. Well, it also depends on the age of game players. The teenagers mostly love to play interesting and tough games. The average age of mobile gamers is 36.3 in which total share of the female gender is 51% and male is 40%.  Well, males and females play different games. Young males prefer to play shooter games and older women are more attracted to puzzle games. The action and adventure games are mostly played by the young man of age limit between 21 years to 35 years. Only 34% of males play puzzle type games. This stereotype breaks at the average age limit which is between 36 to 50 years old. Well, we can say that gamers are old creatures.

Future of Mobile Gaming Market:

According to the New zoo revenue predictions by 2021 the total gaming market worth be of $174 billion. The mobile gaming trend will extend in the future time as people will exceed the time of mobile gaming use. So, in this hot cake, the smartphone share will be 43% and tablets will share 9%.

Which gaming company has half of the Global gaming market share?

Well, this is the most concerned thing which makes you understand the graphics and sense what will be in trend? According to estimation, about 49% of market share is of Asia Pacific which will be 8.3% per year. The second big share is of North America which accounts for a total 25% share in the global gaming market. It makes a total of $33.9 billion per year. However, we cannot get clear ides as other games also play a well-known role and share. This is still an estimation. However, many popular games are adding to the revenue since launch like Pokemon GO has generated about $2.3 billion and then comes to the most well-known game Frontier which has added about 250 million players to this mobile gaming market.

Which country makes most to Mobile Gaming Market?

According to an estimation of Newzoo China play a major share in this market by paying $34.4 billion and a total 25% share of worldwide spending. On the other hand, there comes the US which spent $31.5 billion.

Which is a popular game play time and what is the most popular game?

According to a survey, it has been concluded that most people play games on their mobile apps in the evening. Well, it varies with the genders like the people of age between 18 to 20-year start to play games early. While 30% of games are played in the afternoon.

Now come to the most popular games. In this list, Pokemon Go us the most famous mobile app for iPhone users. While Candy Crush Saga is still the most popular game among people. The people of all ages like to play this game. Pubg is the new sensation of the mobile gamers and how we can forget the Frontier that is holding the third position in this ranking.

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