How Android apps make money?

Today, the highest population in the world uses Android. Following closely are iOS users. Well, one of the reasons why this is true is the fact that Android products are highly affordable. These devices and apps are also compatible with most other apps. That makes it even easier to make money with them. If you’re an Android app/device user and want to know how to make money, this is the article to read.


Advertisements remain one of the most beneficial money-making approaches in today’s world. But, how does this work? Everyone is in the look of an audience. If you go to most social media platforms, you will realize the urge to make followers and creating an audience. This is because most people have realized influence can be used to make money today.

The business model used in advertising is referred to as customer harvesting. What happens is the client paid to advertise normally has an audience already. On the other hand, the client payer normally has a product ready to sell but without an audience. In essence, they’re working to create a market for themselves.

Using Android, it is easy to create a following. Once you have the following, you can charge for advertising for your client. Today, these ads earn more than most other things. It is a simple yet technical approach which when done right, can lead to great profits.

Email marketing

This approach is old school and has been around for quite some time. That is the reason it has begun to look outdated. Still, it remains an effective way that Android apps use to make money. Email marketing can be a fine and effective way to make money if you are an Android app user if you get it right.

The trick is simple. You need to get an audience and keep growing your list. The biggest challenge, though, is in finding the right conversion rate. It is easy to get emails. The hardest challenge is in turning these emails into actual sales.

What most successful email marketers do is share insightful and informative emails. They should be catchy and compelling. Once you get this right, you can get results. Consistency is also critical in email marketing. The reason is that it takes time to convince one to buy a product via email than face to face. It is even harder when this person considers you a stranger. They may even never get back to you, unsubscribe to your emails, or go to the extreme of blocking your mails.

With consistency, you can persevere all this and keep putting in the effort. Without it, you may give up on the first challenge that comes your way. That may mean losing potential business. Loss of business translates to less income. With fewer earnings, your net profit will definitely drop, which may mean closing the shop. Nobody wants that. Other than being shameful, it may have massive financial consequences on you and your investors, if there are any.


Business broken down is simply buying and selling. When detailed, capital, working capital, profits, losses, and many others arise. Well, the truth remains; the secret in doing a successful business relies on using the right channels. Android apps are a proper channel to build a market base and sell your merchandise.

You can sell anything you want. All you need to do is ensure you meet the needs of your clientele. This ability to meet demand determines your longevity in the market. Most successful businesses know exactly what their clients want, and that is what they provide.


This is another great way to make money using Android apps. There are many online and offline businesses today. These enterprises are working hard every other day to earn themselves new clients and make more money. As they do this, they need tact and strategy. As an affiliate marketer, you allow these businesses to grow their business.

Referrals earn money as those businesses asking you to refer them to clients promise a certain amount to the referee. Some businesses pay a fixed amount while others pay on a commission basis. Either way, you are guaranteed a proper amount of earnings. It is a fine way Android apps use to earn money and other options available in the market today.

This option is almost effortless. All you need to do is share the product or idea with your acquaintances. If the people you shared the idea or product with buy the item, you will easily earn a commission. With most referrals, you do not have to pay or spend anything. Your earnings rely on the purchase practice of the people you shared the product or idea with.

Data collection and sale

This is a viable business with most governments. Most incumbent governments want to stay in power. That said, they will do anything to ensure this happens. Knowing this, most Android apps make their clients agree to privacy policies they have not read.

For instance, just the other day, my Android device prompted me to agree to an update. The update was automatic and involuntary. They left me with no option but to agree. |Without saying yes, my device would stay unused. Therefore, I had to agree to their terms.

I decided to open the privacy policy and read it before agreeing. I was surprised one of the terms I was to agree to was allowing them to capture and use my personal information like date of birth, contacts, and evens passwords. Well, Android apps are using such tacts to make money. They sell this data to willing buyers and make money.


Android apps use various methods to make money. One and very frustrating one is collecting and selling their users’ data to willing buyers. The truth is this provider makes proper money irrespective of the method or technique they use to make this money.

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