Green Web Hosting

What is Green Web Hosting? 

Green web hosting is a new and innovative way of reducing the environmental impacts of web hosting. With green web hosting, we can make a positive change to the future of our planet! Green Web Hosting is a way linked with the Environmental Protection Agency as a Green House Gas Reduction Step. It does this by reducing its carbon footprint as well as offering affordable plans to those who want to host their websites on green web hosting servers. They have been at it for over 10 years now, and have recently been making great strides in the world of cloud computing.  Carbon offsetting is the key technique that is used in green web hosting. A carbon offset is a reduction in the emission of Carbon dioxide gas that is a major greenhouse gas. 

The internet and data centers use a significant amount of energy and electricity to store and process information. Data centers are mostly anonymous and no one can simply predict that they are using a vast amount of energy. Inside of data centers they use thousands of computers that process data. To keep these computers cool,  they use a large number of air conditioning systems. In short words, they are not promising good to the natural resources. They are using the natural reservoirs of energy and in return polluting the environment. So, the greenest hosts are trying to minimize the need and use of energy and maintain the natural resource by giving the greenest options of the sustainable web. Green Web Hosting has been in business for quite some time and has had some really big names help them get started. They offer great customer service and great prices on their hosting plans. If you want to host a website on green web hosting, then they are hands down your best choice. They provide you with all of the features that you would ever need to make your website mirror the web it intends to mirror without any complications. In addition to this, they have a very fast network with an emphasis on security and reliability which provides outstanding uptime for your websites.

Ways to find a green web host

If you are striving to find a green we host start from your local contacts. Discuss with any known person and existing hosting provider. In this way, you will get to know about their sustainability approaches. Approaching a local green web hosting host is more useful because some big companies can not fulfill the sustainability commitment and you get nothing in the end. 

Well, if you do not have any local source and trying to get a new provider you can visit The Green Web Foundation’s directory. They list about 500 web hosting providers and all of them provide good commitments for green energy use in their data centers. Simply, look for all the providers that attract you. Read about all of them and their commitments. Then narrow down the numbers to find the best green web hosting provider for your site. Discuss all your concerns with them and choose the best who satisfies your all answers. 

What to find in Green Web Hosting Providers?

If you are new in this term and do not know what to exactly find while searching for a web hosting provider then I am here to help. Try asking them a basic level question and all their commitments for green energy use. 

Check the following things in their commitments: 

  • If they are using a direct energy source or a renewable energy source?
  • Are they having their renewable energy generating source? Do they have any wind turbines or any solar energy harvesting system? 
  • Are they having any contract showing that they have a relation with the renewable energy department that is listed in countries national grid?

All of the above-mentioned queries will provide you with enough answers. 

What are the benefits of using a Green Web Hosting Plan?

With a green web hosting plan, you’ll be able to learn how to build your website on WordPress for just $4 per month on Lightning Square or $5 per month on Public Square. You also gain the ability to build your website with their web builder, which comes with over 100,000 free website designs. Since you can make an account with Green Web Hosting for free, there is no risk in trying out their services, which are both reliable and effective. You will also be able to make use of their Spam Assassin Filter which helps ensure that your mailbox is always clean of unwanted emails. The best part about using a green web hosting plan is that it is affordable and you’ll even get a free domain name when you buy the hosting plan.

Why use Green Web Hosting? 

  • Green Web Hosting is completely non-toxic and ecological. 
  • Green Web Hosting is 100% recyclable, as it does not use any chemicals or materials that cannot be reused or recycled. 
  • It’s completely Eco Friendly! It uses renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. 
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by using energy-efficient technologies and improving power grid efficiency to ensure less carbon dioxide is released into the environment. 
  • It improves water conservation because it uses less electricity, which in turn reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by power plants. 
  • Green Web Hosting enhances the use of clean and renewable energy such as solar and wind power. 
  • Green Web Hosting’s energy-efficient hardware and electrical systems reduce the need for extra fans and servers to maintain the optimal temperature while maximizing energy savings.
  • Green Web Hosting creates a smaller carbon footprint while creating a healthier ecosystem for living organisms and humans alike.
  • Green Web Hosting takes advantage of the latest in technology to keep your website updated every time without the need for multiple servers. 
  • Green Web Hosting reduces costs by utilizing inexpensive renewable energy sources to power its hardware and systems. 
  • You can focus on creating content instead of relying on unreliable servers, which can often go down when there is no one in charge of them. 
  • It improves security by taking advantage of technologies that allow you to connect one server directly to another server, which protects your website against downtimes.

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