Greatest Scientists in History

Everything that happens today is partly or significantly influenced by Science. Even technology, Mathematics, and other disciplines borrow from this field. But, behind every successful practice are pioneers who made everything possible. The likes of Albert Einstein and Aristotle are some of the greatest scientists in history. But they’re not the only ones. So, who are the other greats?

Here’s a list of some of the world’s greatest scientists of all time.

  • Albert Einstein

Born on 14 March 1879, Einstein remains one of the greatest scientists in history. He was an expert in the field of Physics and he renounced his German citizenship aged 19.

Einstein is also known for drama, away from his high IQ. Albert is believed to have married his cousin and also used Nobel prize money to settle claims with his former wife when they chose to divorce.

Before his death in April 1955, Einstein had immensely contributed to quantum mechanics. He is the father of physics whose story passes from generation to generation.

  • Isaac Newton

Born in 1643, Isaac Newton died in 1727. He was a genius in Mathematics, Physics, and Science in general. The great man is behind the realization of the force of gravity.

Newton is also a popular author and is the inventor of calculus. In addition, the theory of color in his works. The first reflecting telescope was also developed by Newton and he remains one of the greatest Mathematicians to ever live.

The professor of Mathematics was also known for his refusal to accept the idea of the trinity. Regardless, he was known to be a devout Christian. He was all-rounded and had a high IQ that earned him respect and recognition the world over.

By the time of his death, Newton was known to almost everyone in the world. The life-changing inventions and innovations made him a name that lives up to date.

  • Nikola Tesla

Born in 1856, Nikola died in 1943 and was buried in the now called Nikola Tesla Museum. The genius dropped out of technology school and would later pursue engineering. He did both electrical and mechanical engineering and that was the only chance he needed to do electrical inventions.

He did projects in AC and high voltage experiments. He also won many awards including the order of St Sava. There are more he acquired and all these were thanks to his high IQ and inventions.

One may be tempted to think Tesla motors belonged to the legendary American. Well, the manufacturing company was founded decades after Nikola’s death. He didn’t own the company, but it was named after him.

  • Archimedes

I first heard about this name in a Physics class back in high school. I found the name interesting, but this man’s achievements are more interesting than the name. And that is why he is one of the greatest scientists the world has ever produced.

The Mathematician was also known to be a great Physicist. The Greek engineer was born and died in Syracuse, Italy. He was also an astronomer and invented several things.

It is alleged that Archimedes asked the roman soldier who killed him not to disturb his circles. Those were his last words before he died. Before his untimely death, Archimedes had written several books including The Sand Reckoner.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

You probably know Da Vinci because of his art. The Mona Lisa display continues to be one of the greatest pieces of art ever made by man. But apart from that, Leonardo Da Vinci was also a Scientist.

The animal lover was born in 1452 and died in 1519. He once said that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and that is one of the many quotes he made. These quotes were some of the expressions of his high intelligence. By the time Leonardo was dying, he had accomplished a lot.

  • Aristotle

The Greek philosopher was born in 384 BC and died 62 years later. He was a prodigy to Plato and his quote, “a friend to all is a friend to none” among others made his philosophy known. Married to Pythias, Aristotle attended Platonic academy and is said to be the first genuine Scientist in History.

He lived a long time ago but his philosophies live up to date. He had so much influence then and even now. Most philosophers and Scientists live by his philosophies up to date.

This is not because the sayings sounded good but because they were effective. They worked out and guided people in the right manner.

  • Charles Babbage

Charles was born in 1791 and died in 1871. He was such an influence and mentored other greats like Karl Max. Apart from being a great Scientist, the legend is regarded as the father of computers for his great innovation.

He grew in fame for questioning Britain’s education system. He felt the system disregarded Science. He loved the subject with the passion he couldn’t stand what the system was doing to science. Other than passion, he knew science well and that is why a lot of the science-guided technology we enjoy today was the work of his hands.

  • Alan Guth

The American physicist is a particle theory researcher and was born in 1947. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has won several awards as well as written different books. The father of two is also behind several Scientific theories.

Thanks to Alan Guth, we now know about inflation. He was the discoverer and for that reason, the world continues to sing his name whenever the subject is being talked about.


Science is the reason a lot of things exist today. The Scientists that sacrificed most of their lives to pave way for life-changing inventions will forever be remembered. For instance, Isaac Newton is still studying in school today you may think he is still alive or existed just recently. The above are the greatest scientists in history to ever exist.        

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