Google Pixel 4A – Review

Google Pixel smartphones have always been able to maintain a strong reputation among others in the market. Hence, you can think about investing your money to purchase Google Pixel smartphone without keeping any doubts in mind. One of the latest smartphones that are available under this series is Google Pixel 4A. This is one of the most powerful mid-range smartphones available for your purchase as of now. Take a look at this review and figure out what you will be able to get out of the smartphone. Then you can make an informed decision to spend your money and purchase a new Google Pixel 4A for you.


The design of Google Pixel 4A looks more sophisticated when compared to its previous version. For example, the manufacturer has trimmed down the bezel to provide more space for the display. You can discover a camera sensor, which is located on the right top corner of the display. The dimensions of Google Pixel 4A measure 2.7 x 2.7 x 0.3 in inches. The overall weight is around 5 ounces. This is not a bigger smartphone that you can buy. Hence, you can expect to receive a perfect fit out of it to your hands. You will appreciate the support that this smartphone can deliver when you are trying to get your work done on a daily basis.

The rear design of Google Pixel 4A is pretty much similar to its predecessor. For example, you can discover a square-shaped camera module. The camera only has one lens. There is a fingerprint sensor located on the rear side of this smartphone as well. However, it is not much visible to outside.


Along with Google Pixel 4A, you will be able to receive an OLED display. Not much mid-range smartphones in the market come along with OLED displays. Hence, you can consider Google Pixel 4A as the cheapest smartphone to come along with an OLED display. 

The display size of this smartphone is 5.81 inches. It offers 2340 x 1080 pixels of resolution. The pixel density of the display of this smartphone is 443ppi. Hence, you can expect to receive high-quality experience out of this smartphone while using it at all times. However, you must also keep in mind that the display of this smartphone is quite dim when you are using it under direct sunlight. The display is reflective as well. Hence, you cannot expect to get the best viewing angles out of it.

Camera quality

Inside Google Pixel 4A, you can discover a software-defined camera. In fact, software associated with the camera is responsible for the ability that it has to produce good quality images. This is something that you will need to keep in mind at the time of spending your money to purchase this smartphone. 

The rear camera has a 12.2MP sensor. It is the same camera sensor as of predecessor as well. However, you can find some software-induced improvements in the camera. Hence, you will be able to expect to take better quality photos out of this camera.

The front camera you get along with Google Pixel 4A is quite decent as well. Even though it doesn’t make the most stunning pictures, you can expect to receive a decent photography experience out of it. However, the camera will not be able to produce the most stunning photos under dark light conditions.

Hardware specifications 

Inside Google Pixel 4A, you can discover a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor. It is paired with 6GB of RAM. On the other hand, you can receive 128GB of inbuilt memory along with the smartphone as well. Out of that, 111GB is available for your consumption. There is no micro SD card slot, which you can use and extend memory offered out of the smartphone. However, it will not be a major concern as you are getting Google One Storage Space for three months along with your purchase.

You can expect to receive a solid and lag-free performance out of the Google Pixel 4A smartphone. It will cater to all the specific needs that you have and deliver outstanding performance. In some of the instances, Google Assistant would act slow and take more time than you expect to respond. However, it will not be able to create a major negative experience on the performance that you can receive out of this smartphone in the long run.


Along with Google Pixel 4A, you will be able to get your hands on the Android 10 operating system. However, you will have the chance to upgrade it to Android 11 as well. You can get the purest version of Android along with Google Pixel 4A. That’s because the smartphone is manufactured by Google. If you are looking forward to getting a decent experience out of the Android operating system, Google Pixel 4A is the ideal smartphone available in the market for you to use. You will be stunned by the overall performance that this smartphone can deliver.

Battery life 

Battery life is quite decent. The OLED display is energy efficient and it can provide you with the support needed to save your battery life throughout the day. You can expect the battery of Google Pixel 4A to last for a duration of one full day with ordinary use. However, this smartphone doesn’t come along with any quick charging capabilities.

Final words

If you are a fan of Android smartphones and if you are looking forward to purchasing a mid-range smartphone, we can recommend Google Pixel 4A to you. You will be able to get decent hardware and software specifications out of it. Hence, the total amount of money that you will spend to purchase Google Pixel 4A will be worth it when compared to the experience delivered out of it.

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