Google Duplex

Google Duplex is one of the most innovative projects that the folks at Google have started. It provides people with the opportunity to go ahead and make restaurant reservations through their phones. In other words, Google Duplex is addressing one of the biggest concerns that people had. Hence, it is worthy to deep dive and take a look at what Google Duplex is all about. Then you will be able to get your hands on Google Duplex and enjoy all the benefits that are offered by it. 

What exactly is Google Duplex

Back in the year 2018, Google announced about Google Duplex. This announcement was made by CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai at Google I/O developers’ conference. Google Duplex was created as a voice based service, which is powered up with artificial intelligence. It was mainly designed to provide support and assistance to people with making their appointments over the phone. Along with that, people will be able to overcome numerous barriers that they will come across when doing business transactions with different companies over the phone. 

The best thing about Google Duplex is that you will be able to make an appointment with a business without any user interaction at all. Sundar Pichai was able to demonstrate this at the Google I/O event and it was able to grab a lot of attention from the audience who was gathered at the event.

Google Duplex can communicate back to a person as if there is another person answering the phone. In fact, it can provide correct and accurate responses to the inquiries that are made by a person. On top of that, Google Duplex can also place words such as “um” and mimic breaks. Hence, it sounds and feels like a human being. When you are interacting with Google Duplex, you will never feel that you are dealing with a machine on the other side.

After the official conference, Google went ahead and released a video, which showcased one of the use cases of Google Duplex. This use case was about setting up a restaurant reservation with the help of this innovative AI based platform. A person will be able to communicate with Google Duplex and get the reservation booked. Once the reservation is confirmed, Google Duplex will even send out a notification. 

Back in the month of November, 2018, Google stated that they are looking forward to roll out Google Duplex to a selected number of public users who are from few cities in United States. However, this didn’t happen as planned due to some of the security changes that Google introduced. One of the biggest security changes implemented was to make sure that another recorded voice cannot fool Google Duplex and take advantage out of it. 

Is Google Duplex available now? 

Yes, you will now be able to access Google Duplex form 48 different states in America. You can take a look at the official page for Google Duplex at Google and get to know about these countries. Two of the states, including Louisiana and Kentucky don’t have support for Google Duplex as of now. 

Back in the month of October, 2019, we could see how Google Duplex was expanded to New Zealand. It was one of the pilot programs that Google initiated with the objective of taking Google Duplex outside America. 

What devices are compatible with Google Duplex? 

As of now, Google Duplex is available for some of the smartphones that Google has released to the market. They include Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 3 XL and Google Pixel 3. Along with these phones, you will also be able to see Google Duplex compatibility in few other Android based smartphones as well.

What are the applications of Google Duplex? 

As of now, Google has demonstrated one prominent application or use case of Google Duplex, which allows people to confirm restaurant reservations with ease while spending their time at home. However, that will not be the only use case of Google Duplex. We will be able to see how Google Duplex will evolve in the future to cater to numerous other applications as well.

For example, we will be able to see people using Google Duplex to set up appointments with their doctors in the future. Likewise, you will also be able to use Google Duplex and schedule an appointment in a neighborhood salon to get a haircut done. 

Likewise, we will be able to see numerous other use cases of Google Duplex popping up in the future. All these use cases will be in a position to make the life easy for people. Hence, you can keep your fingers crossed and wait for the roll out of Google Duplex. 

Are there any limitations to Google Duplex? 

Since Google Duplex is still in its initial stages, you will be able to discover numerous limitations in it. However, there is a solid team working behind the development of Google Duplex. Due to the same reason, we will be able to see Google Duple being developed into a sophisticated platform in the future. Along with that, we will be able to go ahead and access Google Duplex without keeping any doubts in mind.

In the meantime, Google is concerned about the negative consequences that can get triggered by Google Duplex as well. For example, there is a possibility for the restaurants to get spammed with incoming reservations via Google Duplex, especially with cancellation calls. The engineers and AI experts at Google are currently working hard to eliminate such possibilities for spamming activities to take place. Therefore, we will be able to see upgraded versions of Google Duplex in the future. They will be able to deliver a great overall assistance to the people with getting their work done in an effective manner.

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