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Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine that you can find out there in the world. In every second, around 2.3 million searches take place on Google. While offering this service, Google has to earn an income as well. That is done with Google Ads

Businesses will be able to think about using Google Ads as an effective method in order to promote themselves with the power of Google search engine. Along with that, businesses are in a position to drive some quality traffic towards their websites as well. People who are looking for related content will be able to see those advertisements on Google. Hence, the businesses don’t need to worry too much about the results that they are getting out of Google AdWords.

What exactly are Google AdWords

As mentioned earlier, Google search engine is providing paid advertisements to be displayed on the top of search engine results. When you search for something on Google, you will be able to see these results. This is done with the assistance of Google AdWords. In fact, it is connected to a display network and that’s how the different advertisements are displayed on the search engine. This is paired along with the Google AdSense program as well.

Once you perform a search on Google, you will end up with the search results page. The search results page can be divided into two main categories. First category is the section that is dedicated to paid Google advertisements. Then you will be able to see the organic or natural links that are displayed by the search engine as well.

You can easily spot the sponsored advertisements because they have a green colored label called “ad”. Therefore, you can make an informed decision when you are clicking a search result on Google. 

Why do Google Ads appear? 

The auction of Google AdWords is focusing keywords. In here, the advertisers are provided with the freedom to pick a list of keywords. Then they will be able to target customers. In fact, they tend to target keywords that are related to the business and then move forward with bidding on the keywords. These keywords are the ones that people are more likely to use when they are searching for something on the Google search engines.

It is possible for the advertisers to keep on bidding on these keywords. In here, they determine the amount of money that should be paid to a Google user based on the ad click. This is combined along with a Quality Score as well. The Quality Score is determined by Google, depending on the quality of the proposed ad.

Whenever a search engine user goes ahead and clicks on an ad, the advertiser will have to pay a certain amount of money. This amount of money is determined by the factor called cost per click. It is calculated using a unique formula.

Understanding the Google AdWords auctions 

When it comes to Google AdWords, you should have a clear understanding about the auctions. That’s because the functionality of Google AdWords is depending on an auctions system. This auction would take place whenever a user does a keyword search on the Google search engine. 

The advertisers will have to place their bids and then win the auction. Then the advertisements of them will be made available for the visitors depending on appropriate keywords. In the meantime, you will also have to think about optimizing the bid amount and the quality score as an advertiser. This can help you to receive the best possible results out of Google AdWords. 

If the quality score is high, in conjunction with the bid amount, you will be able to secure a better positioning for your advertisements. There are some more factors, which are in a position to create an impact on the Quality Score. 

Here is a list of some of the most prominent factors that are in a position to create such an impact on the quality score.

  • The historical performance of your Google AdWords account
  • The historical click through rate of the advertisements
  • The relevancy of advertisement to the landing page
  • The relevancy of advertisement of keyword to the advertisement group
  • The relevancy of keyword to the initial search query

You need to keep this fact in mind when you are going forward with Google AdWords. Then you will be able to increase your chances of ending up with better results at the end of the day. 

If you can aim for a higher quality score, you will be able to end up with certain benefits as well. The biggest benefit out of them is the ability to reduce your costs. The advertisers who have a higher quality score will be able to reduce the cost per click by a significant amount. Along with that, they are provided with the chance to enhance the return that they are getting out of the investment in a convenient manner.

On the other hand, enhanced quality score would provide those advertisers along with a higher exposure. In other words, the advertisements of those advertisers will be displayed more often on the search engine results pages. They will be displayed at the top of the search engine results pages instead of the bottom. Hence, the advertisers will be able to increase their chances of securing more clicks. They don’t have to go through the traditional process, where they have to raise the bids. Along with that, a considerable amount of money can be saved while experiencing better results.

Now you have a clear understanding about Google AdWords. Keep this in mind and move forward to the next stage of using them. Then you will be able to get better results to your business by driving relevant traffic via the Google search engine. 

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