Good news for women from “Women Who Code” !

Coding has for a while been regarded as a man’s thing. Well, not anymore. Women who code are seeing fortunes change and the latest came by recently when a tweet by Women Who Code announced more opportunities for ladies in the tech world. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization ( is focused on pushing more women to take up tech-related careers. Besides, it works to ensure those in the field get the opportunities they need to grow and thrive in the field.

The tweet made on 4th April 2021 shared a link to more than 180 opportunities seeking tech jobs. The move will see more opportunities for women in the field come by and more ladies will thrive. This will help demystify the misconceptions of only men can thrive in the discipline. The opportunities here are remote and that makes things easier for those who will be lucky enough to land the jobs.


Just after the announcement for women in tech opportunities, the organization shared another link of inspiration. This was about a woman that has done well in technology and whose story can inspire many others to do well in the field as well. The story of @teresamorcho ( who is currently the CEO/Director of marketing at MOPAO is quite inspiring. The link leads you to a story of a creative CEO who started work in the military tech team doing routine work that somehow limited her creativity. You may watch the video to see how her amazing story ends.

Well, such is the inspirational stories we want to hear to motivate our ladies to work harder in the tech world in order to achieve more. Women Who Code is doing this and more to push these women who code to turn their lives around as Teresa did. Of course, it requires resilience and effort, but this can only be fueled by motivation. When internal energy meets motivation from outside and reminders of “you can make it”, the results can be outstanding.

Women should move to take such opportunities and prove to fellow ladies it is doable. They are equally up to the task and that is why they need to clear the misconceptions going around that tech is a man’s world. Microsoft, Apple, and other leading tech organizations were founded by men. This is not to take away any efforts contributed by women working in these organizations, but to motivate them to step up further to come up with an organization they will be faces of. That one day the world will stand and say that’s her tech company competing well with his.

Call for action

Without a call for action, it would be useless to share these motivations. Women who Code are leading the calls with great opportunities for ladies who wish to excel in the tech industry.

As the organization continues to offer more opportunities to the upcoming women in technology, the world is watching and ready to offer support. Just like Teresa rose through the ranks, as young as she was, other ladies too can go as far as they dream.

Take up opportunities

It is now up to the ladies to take up the challenges and opportunities presented to them. Everyone has a unique talent they are born with. And that is exactly what each of these ladies should leverage. The opportunities are limited and so the women in technology should be quick to pick up the existing ones and run with them. That will ensure they grow themselves and open up more opportunities for themselves and other ladies.

Meanwhile, Teresa and other successful ladies in tech should continue motivating these women to keep working on their dreams. That is the only way they will end up more successful. Organizations like Women Who Code will keep empowering these ladies but remember it is up to these ladies to take action, use the motivation and empowerment offered, and do the rest.

At the end of the day, they would have achieved their goal and helped others achieve too. This would be a win for everyone. The circle would continue and the myth would turn from ‘tech being a man’s world’, to the truth of ‘tech is everyone’s world’!


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