About Gitpod

Gitpod is an online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GitHub and GitLab that launches ready to code dev environments for any project with a single click.  (Gitpod, n.d.). This platform lets you code from anywhere with a simple click. Builds take time to conclude. This wastes time. If we calculated, you would be amused how many billion minutes go down the drain in waiting time. To solve this problem, Gitpod provides a prebuilt environment that lets you code fast and efficiently. The major difference between Gitpod and other coding environments is the former is frictionless. This saves you time and energy. Besides, it allows you bring forth your best skills with less struggle.  



A software’s features make it what it is. That is what gives you the ability to code with ease and speed. When the program has not the best features, you can be sure to find it hard when it’s time to code. So what features make Gitpod what it is?

  • Parallel workspaces

It gets to a point where your current workspace is full. This may force you to postpone your work until things get cleared. With Gitpod, you do not have to push forward more work. Instead, you get the option of starting a parallel workspace and continue with your work. That way, you save time. This is one of the reasons Gitpod is frictionless. Everything is smooth and takes you lesser time. Besides, tasks can be done even when previous ones are yet to be complete.


  • Compatible

This is a feature in disguise. The ability to use Gitpod on any device makes it a great option. You know you are in trouble when your coding program isn’t compatible with some devices. That may halt you from progressing once you get to a device that is not compatible with the software.


  • VS Code Extensions

Coding success can be enhanced with extensions. The problem is not all development platforms allow different extensions. This means the ext. you need may not work because your coding software isn’t compatible. Gitpod allows various extension types. This means, you can continue with your work without struggling searching for alternatives. Using drag and drop, you can have any of your extensions installed.


  • Terminals

No one wants to waste time in optimizing their development platform. Instead, focus should be placed on coding and the success of your program. Gitpod’s Linux terminals gives you a ready to go platform. the already configured builts allows you get started already.

Now, you may wish to adjust a few things. The already configured settings are not final, you are. In case you want anything changed, it is within your power to do so. Gitpod allows you personalize the settings as you wish. The already configured settings are there to save you time and energy so could direct them on perfecting your code. The Gitpod development team understands you may need to adjust a few things. The best news is you have the power to do the changes you like.


  • Code Reviews

Prebuilt and Parallel allows you do code reviews without interference of other ongoing works. additionally, you don’t have to go back to GitHub when you want to reply to reactions and publish reviews.


Website Experience

Most organizations have made their websites shortcuts to their good and services. I mean if you need any information about the organization; the website provides. Or, you may buy their goods and services from the website. Gitpod too has an amazing website in the name of What I love about the website is the wealth of information available.

The organization offers a technical service which requires proper explanations. The website provides these details. All the questions you need answered are available on the website. Besides, it is user and mobile friendly. That means, you will not experience any challenges navigating the site. These are some of the basic qualities that make a site standout.

You may use the site whether signed up or not. There is an option to sign in in case you need to consume some of their coding services. Otherwise, you can interact the website as a guest.


Plans and Pricing

Like any other organization, Gitpod has different plans with varying costs. It is up to you to decide the best option for your practice. There are two hosting options- cloud based and self-hosted. The cloud based hosting plan has two options. One is a free plan with 50 hours offered monthly allowing public repos and private repos- the latter having a 3-day trial. Alternatively, you could sign up for a personal plan for a few Euros paid monthly. With this plan, you have four parallel workspaces and a thirty-minute timeout plan.

The self-hosting plan has two options. The free plan which allows for unlimited use and accommodates five users. Besides, you get both private and public repos. On top of that, you have the admin dashboard for you. The Cloud based and self-hosting options have specific benefits to which the subscriber will enjoy. Besides, they are tailor made to meet specific developer needs.

The Gitpod website has a link to which you can use in case you want to purchase any of the plans. In case you have any questions, they can be answered on the website. Just scroll to the bottom of the Pricing page.



We live in a generation where technology is everything. The internet is flooded with alternatives you can utilize to meet your technological needs. Unfortunately, low quality providers block genuine ones from helping those in need of tech services. The best news is, there still exists quality platforms like Gitpod to meet needs of developers. The platform is frictionless and offers affordable plans for tasks you’d have spent so much on. Another plus about this organization is its amazing website. The user friendly site interacts well with users giving them an experience that keeps them coming back for more. It is also educative and that is critical in marketing. 

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