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About GitLab

Developed by Dmitriy and Valery Sizow, GitLab is an open source web based instrument offering a Git-repository manager. This allows you issue tracking besides continuous deployment features. Some of the most popular organizations using the software include, NASA, IBM and Sony.

The Git-repository hosting service platform is found in English. The organization behind this creative is GitLab Inc. and is headquartered in San Francisco, US. Sid Sijbrandij is the chief executive of GitLab Inc. assisted closely with Dmitriy as the chief technology officer. The two lead a team of about 1300 staff. The software is available online and has no geographical seclusion policies, meaning it is accessible for anyone in the world to use. Another important fact about this software to note is the year of its formation. GitLab was launched in 2011.



With every software comes hardware and other software requirements. GitLab needs a supported operating system (OS) for optimum functionality. GitLab is compatible with Ubuntu, CentOS and other operating systems like:

  • Debian
  • Oracle Linux
  • Scientific Linux
  • Red hat Enterprise Linux, and
  • OpenSUSE

With the above systems, you have the power to use GitLab successfully. It is important to remember GitLab is not supported by Windows. Apparently, there are no plans either now or in the future to make this happen. At least that’s it at the moment. Other than Windows, below are more unsupported operating systems. They include: macOS, FreeBSD and Arch Linux. There are more. Although you can install GitLab on these systems, making use of the software is impossible.

Below are different softwares tabled versus the minimum requirement compatible with GitLAb.

Software Requirement Minimum version compatible GitLab Version Compatible
Node.js 10.13.0 12.9
Git 2.21.x and latest 11.11
Go 1.12
Ruby (MRI) 2.6 upwards 12.2

Table 1: The table above shows what GitLab versions are compatible with which versions of softwares available on the market.

Other than operating systems, it is important to know which web browsers are GitLab supported. They include the following:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Ms Edge
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Internet Explorer 11 was previously supported, but the support came to an end in May 2020. Afterwards, the browser has not been GitLab supported. GitLab’s Issue Boards require JavaScript. This means only Javascript compatible major web browsers are supported. This was one of the reasons Internet Explorer was left behind.


Hardware Requirements

Let’s start with memory. This is critical. You need at least 8GB of RAM. This will give 100 users an optimized functionality provisions. Less than this will mean slowness and inefficiency, especially with increased number of user. It is therefore vital to keep in mind; the more users you have the higher the minimum memory requirements go up. Other than being slow, insufficient memory will lead to endless errors during and after configuration.

Minimum Memory Requirement (RAM) Number of Recommended Users
8 GB 100
16 GB 500
32 GB 1000
128 GB <=5000
>128 >5000

Table 2: The table above shows the minimum memory requirements in relation to the recommended number of users for an optimized GitLab functionality.

The number of users you want GitLab to supports impacts your decision on which processor (CPU) to use. The higher the number of users to be supported, the higher the core you should have. For 5000 users and less, ensure you have 32 cores. 8 and 4 cores work well for 1000 and 500 users respectively. For 100 users, it advisable to user 2 cores. Although 1 core works, it will make the system super slow and inefficient.

Other than memory and CPU, storage is a critical factor put under consideration. While it is possible to use a hard drive, there are better alternatives. A storage supporting the Network File System (NFS) will do your GitLab performance good. Below are some of the locations you could store your information: (GitLab, n.d.)

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Elastic Block Store (EBS)

With the above done right, GitLab will work optimally. There are more hardware and software requirements to be taken care of. Although, the above are some of the most important. This does not mean the others are not as important. They are equally important. 


Website Experience

Today, websites form an important part of an organization’s existence. It is the first thing users look out for when they need any help or information about an organization, product or service. GitLab’s website is accessible through the following link . With a mission to empower teams to thrive remotely, GitLab’s website ensures you get all the information you want about the software and the mother company.

Once you land on the site, there are various options to exploit. You may choose to get a free GitLab software trial or watch a demo of how the program works. Scroll up or down to explore the site more. At the top right of the homepage is a menu bar. Upon clicking the tab, you will get access to some of the software’s important tools and information including pricing, security features and installation.



Support is important especially with a software like GitLab. You do not want your team players to be left stranded with a software that’s not operational, slow or inefficient. In case of any technical issues, question or challenge; you could reach out to the GitLab support team on their websites menu. Alternatively, you could scroll down the site and choose to self-help with the available options. This may save you time and give you the skill to solve your own GitLab issues in future.


Bottom Line

GitLab is an open source software that allows you build a web based system to use work with a team remotely and effortlessly. Developed and owned by GitLab Inc., the program has more than a thousand features to utilize. This gives you the power to do more. The mother company is based in the United States and offers its services worldwide without secluding any country on the basis of Geography or finance. There are basic hardware and software requirements you need to get right for GitLab’s optimum functionality as mentioned on this piece of writing.

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