GitHub Products and Services update on May 10, 2022

GitHub has released quite a few updates recently. Here is what you need to know about these updates:

Global Campus for Teachers

  • Computer science teachers (GitHub verified teachers) can join GitHub Global Campus.
  • Teachers can access all educational resources in one place.
  • Teachers can upgrade their GitHub account organizations to the GitHub team.
  • Teachers can request Swag for classrooms and manage classrooms.

GitHub Global Campus is available here:

Codespaces available for Teachers and Classrooms

  • Codespaces is now available for CS teachers (GitHub verified teachers).
  • Codespaces is available through GitHub Classroom.

GitHub Actions

  • Alow generation markdown files as job summary.
  • This is an improvement over the text-based summary that was available previously.
  • A custom markdown file can be generated as Github actions job summary.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 is now available as a runner image in GitHub actions.

GitHub Enterprise Server

  • Version 3.5 is released and available at the moment.
  • The new version has enhanced security features.
  • The new version has enhancements for admins.
  • Git events added to the audit log.
  • Analyze server usage.
  • Revine maintenance mode control.

Release note for Enterprise Server 3.5 is available here:[email protected]/admin/release-notes#3.5.0.rc1

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