GitHub makes their Docs Open Source

On 7 Oct, GitHub announced the changes made to their Docs. The new development was GitHub Docs becoming open source. According to Janice Niemeir’s announcement on, the decision to make their docs open source was informed by the feedback they had been receiving from its community. She acknowledged the fact that GitHub supports millions of developers and that the world is moving fast therefore there’s a need to adjust as we learn.

The launch comes months after another launch was made back in July. The site whose link is allows you to get information about GitHub. The move to make GitHub docs open source makes the fact that you can find any feature for coding on the July launched site even more interesting. At this rate, coding professionals will find it easier to work with the leading platform on matters programming.

It doesn’t end there. Apparently, there are additional guides that come up every other day thanks to the GitHub team. This is meant to ease the lives of GitHub users as it informs them and keeps them updated in a fast-paced world. As the coding world steps up in its competitiveness, GitHub ensures its users fly above the rest through the constant release of supporting programs and guides. This makes it easy to learn and accelerate.

Get Involved

The decision to make their GitHub docs open source was informed by the needs of its community as well as their feedback. That means your contribution can come to life if you share it with the platform. The open-source program is only a few days old and there’s a lot to learn. That is why GitHub wants to hear your thoughts. The platform through their blogpost on the developments encourages anyone who sees anything on the platform to share their point of view.

J. Niemeir acknowledges the fact that every GitHub users have their way of looking at things. That is why some may find the open-source docs being a good idea. Others may see something which calls for improvement. GitHub encourages all to share their thoughts.

There are different ways through which you can share your thoughts. You could join a discussion, open an issue, or pull a request. This is in addition to the easiest option of sharing your opinion directly from

Learn with GitHub, Teach with GitHub

Learning never ends. That is why GitHub is encouraging its users to utilize this opportunity to teach and learn with GitHub. They have given out different ways to achieve this. You could open a discussion and contributions will follow. From there, GitHub will learn and act accordingly. By accepting others’ contributions, you allow yourself to learn and grow.

Making GitHub docs open source is also an opportunity for you to create. Through your creation, you’d have shared your perspective. That allows others to learn from you. The more the lessons you give and receive the better for GitHub, you, and the entire community. As time goes by, we will tell how this idea was and how far it’ll go.

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