Gift him/her with Lyft if he/she is your Ride or Die!

Lyft and Tinder have struck a partnership that could see relationships take another turn. The resolution allows users to access Lyft services when heading for dates. This convenience saves you time and convenience. According to a piece of recent news, there are still no official dates announced by the two firms as to when they will officially launch the project. Although, it is believed the plan will be released in a few months to come.


Most of us know how Tinder works. Will this feature will be available immediately you match a partner? Besides, people want to know what would happen if you get the request ready only for your match to decline your invitation. These are questions the majority is asking! We all know what happens with online dates, and this will be no exemption. What is meant for convenience might turn out to be disappointments in case your partner plays a good one on you.

How this will turn out is for time to tell us. Meanwhile, we should expect features like the ability to share location with family and friends. This is a security feature to make the dates feel safer. Recently, we’ve seen insecurity cases rise. This feature reassures you that your security is under the watch of close ones just in case something goes amiss.


Tinder made the announcement on March 22, 2021, in a blog post, i.e. It looks like it was all about numbers when Tinder and Lyft were striking this deal. According to details highlighted on the blog post, Tinder has 430M+ downloads and is used in 190+ countries in over 40 different languages. It’s less than a decade, and the app has successfully established itself as one of the most used non-gaming applications.

Lyft is seeking to benefit from these numbers as they also offer their financial contribution to the deal. Lyft was also founded in 2012 and remains a leading transport services provider in North America. Canada is also a beneficiary of the application and its services. As Lyft seeks to create convenience and rewrite the transport story, the new partnership will ensure partners plan for trips while on the dating app.

This partnership is likely to attract more downloads of both apps. The amount of revenue growth to be experienced by both organizations is yet to be established. But you can be sure this is a major blow to other dating and transportation sites. The partnership will see these two organizations tremendously increase their influence and monopoly in their respective industries.


Mr. David Wyler, Tinder SVP Business Development and Partner, labeled the partnership as timely and rightly placed. Up until now, Tinder has seen more than 60 billion matches happen. January saw 3.4 billion matches happen. Apparently, this is the highest the app has recorded during the pandemic, and that’s why Mr. Wyler believes the move is well-timed and rightly placed. The numbers are likely to go even higher if everything goes according to plan.


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