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Gentoo Linux is quite popular as a minimalist distribution of Linux. However, it would help if you also understood that Gentoo Linux is not for everyone. That’s because Gentoo Linux is quite difficult to install. Even the process of using Gentoo Linux can be a challenge. Hence, only the most advanced users of Linux who have specific requirements should think about going ahead with Gentoo Linux. Then it is possible to get the best results out of Gentoo Linux at the end of the day.

What is Gentoo Linux?

Gentoo Linux is free to use the operating system. This operating system is automatically customized and optimized according to different applications. It offers a very high level of configurability to the users at the end of the day. On the other hand, it is also possible to receive a high level of performance out of it as well. Gentoo Linux will offer an excellent developer community to gain maximum benefits and continue to use.

Due to the presence of a technology named Portage, anyone can go ahead and use Gentoo Linux in the form of a secure server as well. In fact, Gentoo Linux will be providing the users with some near-unlimited adaptability. This is one of the reasons behind Gentoo Linux, regardless of its bad reputation for being difficult. On the other hand, it provides many other alternative applications for Gentoo Linux, including an embedded solution, gaming system, professional desktop, and development workstation. 

Another important thing that people should keep in mind about Gentoo Linux is that it is not just an operating system. It is possible to find an excellent community around this distribution. As of now, there is a total of 250 developers who are working behind Gentoo Linux. On the other hand, thousands of users have got hold of this operating system as well. Hence, any person interested in becoming a part of this vibrant community will be able to go for it as well. 

Features and benefits of Gentoo Linux

There are some unique and interesting features and benefits that come along with Gentoo Linux. They are tempting people to go ahead and get hold of Gentoo Linux as their operating system. 

  • Excellent learning experience 

For example, Gentoo Linux is capable of delivering an excellent learning experience to people. If you are a beginner at Linux distributions, you will be impressed with the overall learning experience that Gentoo Linux is offering. This will help you to deep dive and learn more about Linux. When you have that understanding, you might not think about moving to another operating system as well.

  • Lightweight operating system 

Gentoo Linux is lightweight, minimal, and fast. If you don’t want to complicate your life with the operating system, Gentoo Linux will be an excellent option available out there to consider. Due to the lightweight design, it will also be possible for anyone to get a faster experience using Gentoo Linux. 

  • Rolling releases 

Gentoo Linux is offering rolling releases. Whenever there is a new release available, it will be rolled to the people who are using the operating system. Therefore, no user of Gentoo Linux will need to wait until a new release is made available. This is another great feature of Gentoo Linux, as it helps the users to enjoy new features without having to wait for a longer period of time.

  • Secure 

You will also be able to call Gentoo Linux a perfect example of a secure operating system. When getting hold of an operating system, people are quite worried about the level of security they will get. There is no need to have any such doubts about security when you are using Gentoo Linux. That’s because it is designed to deliver a high level of security to the users at all times.

  • Highly customizable 

After you download Gentoo Linux, you will figure out that the operating system is coming and some highly customizable functionalities. You will have the freedom to go ahead and customize different aspects of the operating system according to the needs you have. You will also be able to compile the operating system from the source and get your job done without a struggle.

Gentoo Linux is backed up with Portage. 

As mentioned earlier, Portage is one of the key reasons people are sticking to Gentoo Linux Portage is nothing but a superior package manager available for the people to consider. It has the potential to compile everything from the source. On the other hand, it allows people to use flags for all the packages they are using. On top of that, Portage will be offering access to manage all kernel and software updates without going through a lot of struggle.

It is even possible to take a machine that is out of date and come up with new software with the assistance of Portage. Likewise, people who get hold of Gentoo Linux will continue to experience all the amazing benefits Portage can offer.

Should you get Gentoo Linux? 

Gentoo Linux is not the easiest operating system for you to use. However, Gentoo Linux offers some unique and outstanding functionalities for users to consider. While keeping these in mind, you will think about going ahead with this Linux distribution. For example, all the people who start using Gentoo Linux will be able to experience the functionalities of Portage, which is the most outstanding compiler that is available out there to use. Once you are done with the installation of Gentoo Linux, you can expect to receive impressive updates to the operating system regularly. 

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