Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is prevailing all over the mobile world. As we all know that, in the second half of every year Samsung launches its new model of Galaxy Note Series. With each new entry, there is the showcase of something better by them. In, 2019 Samsung launched three different models of Galaxy Note series and Galaxy Note 10 is one of these. Samsung launched Galaxy Note 10 on August 7, 2019.

Galaxy Note 10 is a massive 6.3 inches’ screen and one hand friendly phone which feels like you are holding some liquid. Its appearance and shape are fantastic. The attractive aura glow color attracts the users towards it and it is the most compact note phone to date. It has an expansive screen with day-long battery life.

Tech Features of Galaxy Note 10: –

Price: –

Galaxy Note 10 has a price of $950.

Operating System: –

It is the operating system of 9 Pie version with One UI 1.5.

Processor: –

The CPU processor is Snapdragon 855.

Memory: –

The Memory of Galaxy Note 10 is 8GB.

Storage: –

It has storage of 256GB.

Display: –

It has a display of 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with 2280×1080, HDR10+ display.

Rare Cameras: –

It has a total of 3 rare cameras: –

  • Rare camera 1: 12MP, f/1.5-2.4, OIS, 77 FoV.
  • Rare camera 2: 16MP, f/2.2, 123 FoV.
  • Rare camera 3: 12MP, f/2.1, OIS, 45 FoV.

Front Camera: –

It has a front camera of 10MP, f/2.2, 80 FoV with autofocus.

Battery: –

It has a long day battery that is 3500mAh, 25W wired, and 12W wireless.

What makes it different from other phones?


Compact Design and Display: –

Galaxy Note 10 catches the eye by the dazzling and color-changing ways. It is launched in three awesome colors with the Aura Prefix that are

  • Aura Glow
  • Aura White
  • Aura Black.

These colors show the different prospects well; the aura glow shows the rainbow spectrum reflection. The aura glow changes its color depends upon the light hitting it.  It has a bright and colorful display. It does not have the aluminum frame and glass construction as compared to the note 10 plus. It feels somehow bigger than the others and can be fit easily in your pocket. Well, note 10 is smaller than Note 9. It has the screen of 6.3-inches while note 9 has 6.4-inches screen. The slimmed-down bezels around the screen enable easy to grip in one hand.

The galaxy Note 10 has 401 pixels per inch and 2280×1080 resolution screen with the full HD+. Galaxy note gives the brightest and spectacular screen. It has the 674 nits of a full bright screen. It has somehow smaller size but it still gives 0.26 Delta-E score. The brightness feature makes it more prominent, even when you cranked up to the higher setting, it still gives you the best-illuminated details which can be unseen on any other device. 

S Pen up-gradation: –

The S Pen has upgraded in Galaxy Note 10. It has the most important feature of converting the handwriting into text. But, in case of upgradation, it has the ability of transcription and export of that allows saving the note as text. The saved text can be sent to Word doc, PDF or any other file type just by one action. It has the most powerful transcription abilities.

The style of S pen is also changing as compared to last year S pen. They have to change the edges of S pen and made beveled edges.

The Air command by pressing the button will enable to switch between media in the gallery or change of cameras. You can also zoom the camera in any direction. It is also useful for taking photos or videos on the tripod setup.

Fast Charging speed: –

 Samsung Note series has been prevailing by the ability of the wireless charger but the fast wire charging is the prominent feature in almost every Samsung Note series. But, with the time and more competition the speed was lowered. Finally, they have improved it in Galaxy Note 10. This phone is charged with USB Power Delivery and charging speed is 25W.

This fast charging feature is enabled by purchasing Samsung’s official fast charger which costs about $50.

No Headphone Jack: –

RIP headphone jack. Yes, it is the fact, the headphone jack feature is no more present in Galaxy Note 10. You will not find the legacy headphone port anywhere on the phone. Other phones have 3.5mm jack for headphone However, you can use the wired headphone with USB-C port. There is also a 3.5mm to USB-C adapter. If you want to use the Bluetooth headphone you can use Bluetooth 5.0 Standard.

Price and Warranty: –

The Price of Galaxy Note 10 is $950. The price of Galaxy Note 10 is about $150 less than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It’s available now and you can check out on different sites. You can also compare the phone deals and select the best one for you. You can check it on all major U.S carriers like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and many other. You can also check the trade-in offer of Samsung.

However, Samsung is offering a very limited warranty that considers only manufactures faults within one year.

No Micro SD card: –

It has the downside it does not have the Micro SD card space.

Battery Life: –

Galaxy Note 10 is packed with 3500 mAh battery and it looks very low. But, it is enough to keep your day full. It is capable of lasting for the whole day. The fast charging feature and 25- watt brick box is enough for the long life of the battery.

CPU: –

The snapdragon 855 inside galaxy note 10 makes it deliver the impressive performance. The flagship Android also helps it to give excellent performance.

Camera: –

The cameras are somehow similar to another phone of Galaxy series. It is more similar to Galaxy S10. Well, this model has ultra-wide, telephone lensed and brings live focus effects to your videos.

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