G-Suite Out, Workspace In; Google Platform Rename!

The Google G-Suite has been in service for a while now. But, like everything good, there has to be an end. The best thing is with the end of the G-Suite came the birth of an even better platform. It is way better than Google had to give it another name. Formerly known as Google Apps, the Google G-Suite allowed easy usage of various platforms, including your Gmail. The platform was more beneficial to businesses as it improved on convenience. Besides, you would get an additional 300 GB of storage on Google Drive.

Better Things…
In an announcement made by Google through J. Soltero, this new project aims to improve collaboration between teams. The renamed platform comes with better user specifications allowing you to access Google Docs’ likes without having to leave your current tab.
In a competitive world like today, you want a platform that enhances efficiency. Google Workspace is that platform, and that is why the developer is optimistic the platform will be appreciated even more. In essence, Google Workspace is a chatroom allowing work to go on by bringing together all the applications one would need to work well. Communication is one of the ingredients of a successful workplace, and that is why Google Workspace will be a success.
This wasn’t your usual rename. It came with additional features and massive improvements. This would enhance performance and make it even easier for those working remotely to stay connected with their colleagues working centrally.
Other than the amazing features, Google Workspace has introduced a premium payment plan for businesses. According to computerworld.com, Google Workspace had more than six million subscribers by April 2020. This is a clear indication of how far this thing will go.
Google would have just made the updates without a rename. The renaming comes with its advantages and losses. In this case, the idea to rebrand seemed to have worked. The G-Suite brand, which had been in use for close to four years, was dropped, and the Google Workspace brand took effect. Clearly, it was a great strategic move as it has immensely improved their income.

The Unifier…
Google has had so many products, each serving its purpose. Previously, usage was separate and independent. Despite a good performance by different organizations, there was room for improvement. With Workspace, all these platforms have been unified and made it easier for teams to work together remotely. The launch was a great response by Google, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.
2020 saw a shift in dynamics, especially how organizations work. The business models had to be adjusted instantly to cope with the situation. Only technology could salvage the world, and Google Workspace turned out well to be that savior, of course, in conjunction with other tech providers.
Bringing together the separate Google apps was not enough. The likes of Gmail had an overhaul in appearance. The app now looks different after a change of color. It was not the only one affected. The best thing is this rename and update will turn around the workplace. Workspaces will be more efficient and productive. In turn, we will see organizations make more money, which will help these businesses recover from the corona virus and boom again.

That was all for today! Thank you for reading. Catch you next time, in the same place. Cheers!

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