Foursquare’s Whispering Bot for Advanced Exploration

Foursquare’s Marsbot for AirPod is the new thing in the App Store. You would get the best kind of virtual assistant for all the solo trips that will whisper into your ears about every block you pass through. To enjoy this app, you need to put on your Airpods, and there you go with the marvelous vocal guides about surrounding and places. Please don’t confuse it with the vocal walking tour, and it is the real commentary by people about all the places.

When you walk through a street, the Marsbot for AirPods gives all the directions and comments about the surroundings. You don’t feel like you are walking alone. It makes you realize that you have a friend walking with you and knows everything about the streets, shopping malls, restaurants, and any other place around you. It is an optimized app for walking and biking, but unfortunately, it is currently working only in the USA. 

Digital gadgets and digital assistants have prevailed over the past decades. In the meantime, you just speak, and everything is organized. By keeping this in mind, Foursquare decided to look into the detail of how a virtual aide could work with the locations. So, the company proposed the new Marsbot version that revolutionized the older version based on a text messages guide for the location. Instead of getting texts, now you receive the voice guidelines about everything in your surroundings. They have made it more fun. Like if you want to add something about any place or restaurant, you can add your voice note too. 

This app is of small size, only 17.8 MB, and included in the lifestyle category. It requires iOS 12.4 or later and only compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. As it is working only in the USA, it guides in the English language. This app is specialized to use your location even if it is closed.  The Marsbot app is free of cost and has a family sharing setup for up to 6 members. 

Even if someone is exploring any place in the USA for the first time, he will enjoy it with Fouraquare’s Marsbot for the Airpod app. Suppose you are passing through any block of Los Angeles. It will automatically guide everything like nearby attractions, restaurants, activities to do, places to explore, and any other specificity. They are making sure to make your every tour worth visiting. Mostly when we visit any place for the very first time, we all do not know about it and miss the most worthy places. The problem is finally solved, and we would have a virtual assistant with us during our journey. 

They have developed stringent privacy policies for the app. Anyone will not be able to add any offensive or abusive content about any place. As the company mentioned, “ it will be proactively monitoring uploaded clips for the abusive or offensive content,” and they know how to secure their flagship. This company gets information from the local content providers, recorded audio snippets from other MarsBot users, and Foursquare. So, be ready to download the app, put aside your phone, and walk through the city with a partner that has a complete and useful guide. 


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