Fintech Jobs

Job opportunities are hard to find today. Somehow, institutions of higher learning release excess graduates than the opportunities that exist out there. That is why there are no guarantees out in the job market. However, having the right skills will place you strategically above the rest.

Before you choose a career path, you must understand what you’re getting yourself into. That is why you must know the job opportunities, then, work towards acquiring the rightful skills to be competent enough. Below are some of the fintech jobs you can try out.

  • Financial Analyst

Every business needs visionary finance leadership. An important player of the finance team that ensures the company makes strategic decisions is the financial analyst. 

He/she analyzes the financial situation of the organization both internally and externally. A financial analyst possesses different hard and soft skills that help them manage the job at hand.

Some people believe most finance people will lose their jobs upon full adoption of technology. That is why most financial institutions and finance staff are quick to fight the progress of technology. They believe the technology has come to replace them.

The truth is that fintech has brought more jobs for them. Below are additional fintech jobs.

  • Blockchain developer

Finance and technology have merged to make transactions better. This gives the users better customer experiences. As a result, they’re able to transact smoothly.

Blockchain transactions have added advantages. One of them is the fast movement of funds between users. Besides, transactions can be easily monitored and that means a reduction in corruption.

Another benefit is the fact that blockchain transactions cannot be erased. As a result, those that are fond of corruption can be easily monitored and taken care of by the law.

Blockchain developers possess the ability to create these platforms. As the adoption for these platforms rise, the need for more blockchain systems arise. That means that the demand for blockchain developers increases by day.

  • Quantitative analyst

Large organizations like banks rely on quants to produce complex algorithms that guide them. These are great minds that come up with delicate programs that these large organizations utilize.

Trading securities entails high risks and that means the need for competence. And that’s where the quantitative analysts come in. They analyze risks and advise on the best way forward. That way, the organizations are able to stay competitive and avoid losses.

Quantitative analysts are experts in Mathematics, IT, and finance. This combination gives them the competence they need to handle big data.

Initially, we used to say the future is big data. The future is now and big data is everything today. Heavy decisions are made out of insights derived from this data. You need complex algorithms to code the algorithms that processes the data.

  • Culture champions

The current generation of human resource is quite complicated. They have the technical abilities and hard skills but some lack the soft skills to go maneuver the work environment. For that reason, some may fail to bring out their best game.

That is why the opportunity to nurture such talents arise. Fintech is a highly technical field. That means highly skilled individuals with demands that may be hard to fulfill.

This means the work environment in these fintech companies offers diversity. And that creates a major culture challenge. For instance, with the wake of Covid-19, most organizations sent their staff to work from home.

For Fintech and other leading organizations, a major challenge that came up was getting your new staff to retain the company culture. Culture champions therefore became a highly sought-after skill.

  • App developers

One thing that consumers love today is to spend less for more. Millennials are not only learning how to manage their finances but also are embracing technology in their expenditure.

They want tools that will make it easy for them to account for their money as well as make it smooth to transfer funds. For that reason, retailers are making loyalty apps that allow people to make something out of their previous expenditure.

As the need for these apps increases, the need for these app developers rises too. That is why app development is a lucrative career and will continue to be.

The job will need developers to possess both hard and soft skills. Among the skills would be mathematics, IT, computer science and deep finance knowledge. With these skills, they will easily maneuver and make apps that will make a difference after all.

  • Product manager

As we dive deeper into fintech, more positions come up. Startups now realize the importance of continuous innovation. For that reason, they continuously come up with products that make their fintech firms more competitive.

With the innovation of any new product, there’s a need for a product manager who will steer the adoption and consumption of the products.

One of the major challenges facing fintech companies is market penetration. A good manager ensures that any new product successfully enters the market and meets its goals.

Among other skills, people management is a very important skill product managers require. It means having and leading a competent team with diversity the right way. A poor manager will lead to projects stalling and weaken the organization’s ability to compete.

  • Cybersecurity analyst

Most fintech companies operate on the online space. Think about PayPal and other leading fintech organizations. Most of their operations happen online. If a hacker successfully accessed these accounts, you can only imagine the number of people that will lose their money.

Well, a cybersecurity analyst’s job will be one in demand as it’s already is. With time, the security risks increase. That means the need for these fintech firms to tighten their security and reduce risks.


Fintech is a promising niche. With all the challenges it has comes opportunities. That is why as time passes by, more fintech jobs come up and others grow in demand. With the right hard and soft skills, one has the ability to land these fintech jobs and earn a handsome living.                                    

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