Final Fantasy VIII Now available on iOS and Android

The Final Fantasy VIII is now officially on your phone. This comes years after the game made its entry into the market. The fans will be glad and this move will be met with excitement. You now can enjoy the game on your mobile device. That means you now have the freedom to play while on the go. Sometimes all we need when traveling is something to keep us busy and this is just the right one!

The game is available on iOS and Android. Square Enix made the move today. The game will set you back $17 but that will be short-lived. By 5 April, the price would have increased to $21. That is why you need to act now and get the game on your phone right away before the retails price goes up.

Beat Competition!

Final fantasy first bounced onto the scene in 1999. All this while, it’s been battling stiff competition from other game providers like X-box One and PS4. This move will most likely lay off some pressure and get some more gamers into their space. The price is also fair enough for enthusiasts. That is why you expect sales to go up with time. The discounted $16.99 the game is retailing at the moment may just push further the product into the market. As a result, we will have buyers getting the game to their phones as soon as possible. Such incentives have proven successful before. The $4 price difference may just create the right illusion for Final Fantasy VIII lovers to buy the game.

The provider has gone ahead to create the fear of missing out (FOMO); on the discount. This may be a strong push factor for buyers wanting the game at a lower price. Of course, it is also an advantage to have a taste of the game firsthand. Most people will want to be the first to experience the feeling of having the game on their phones for the first time. Besides, you expect the provider to record the highest number of sales a few hours before the expiry of the $16.99 sale price. Once the price hits $21, you expect the purchases to go down slightly before shooting up high again.

Slight Additions

There have been slight additions to the games’ features. With every gamer’s feedback, the provider gets tips on what to improve on. So far, a lot has been gathered and improvements made. The changes revolve around the feel of the game. There’s more emotion involved and you will experience greater love in the game. Final Fantasy director Yoshinori had communicated some of these changes to The Verge back in 2019.

The focus now has shifted on love and the provider is keen to see how gamers will react. The involvement of emotion in these games will make the gamer’s experience better. It will be thrilling to have the game on your phone and move with it everywhere. The change of theme and feel will make things even more exciting. Let’s wait and see how competitors will react to this move. Great times are ahead of gamers.


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