Fight against Covid-19 – Technology to Detect the Virus

Fight against Covid-19 – Technology to Detect the Virus
The fight against Covid-19 may have taken a major leap forward with the new technology invented to detect people with Covid-19. Since the virus was declared a pandemic early in 2020, research has been going on to find a cure or vaccine to the virus. Well, come the end of 2020, neither the cure nor vaccine has been found. This has left governments with no other option than use preventive measures to curb the infection.
The new technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will help with the detection of persons with the virus. At the moment, thermometers and other screening methods are widely used to help detect people with the virus. The methods are not as effective as you may wish as high temperature alone is not sufficient to detect the disease. Besides, asymptomatic but infected individuals may pass undetected. How does the algorithm work?
Cough is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. Apparently, the sound of cough released by an infected person is different from that of an uninfected individual. This technology points out which cough bears the virus. The invention comes at a point where the world is desperate to find a solution to the pandemic. The disease has destabilized most economies and will continue to affect families if nothing is done urgently. With this algorithm, it will be easy to detect bearers of the virus within crowds and help flatten the curve.

Countries are trying to get back to their daily routines but doing so carefully and cautiously. For instance, schools are reopening as well as businesses and other public services. The algorithm would be effective when used in places like the transport system. It would suit well amidst big populations to establish fast who is positive of the virus even though asymptomatic.
The difference between this algorithm and other screening options is its ability to pick out positive individuals within seconds of coughing. It is practically impossible to have Covid-19 tests for masses within a short time. While testing remains the surest way to establish who has the virus and who doesn’t, the process takes time and is not practical in public places like schools and the transport sector where you have thousands walking in and out in a particular area.

The MIT-invented algorithm has proven more efficient and successful as compared to similar projects undertaken by other leading tech institutions. The efficiency of this system tends to 100% when it comes to how accurate their system is in choosing positive cases. The algorithms made by other institutions like the UK based Cambridge University have proven less efficient as cases of inaccurate decision making were recorded. Their accuracy levels were determined to be around 80%.
With the algorithm out now, governments will sign in relief as it would be easier and faster to determine positive corona cases and tame the spread of the virus. Besides, going forward, it would be easy to catch the virus fast at initial stages of a break out. This will help stop further spread of the virus.

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