Features of the new Apple TV

The newest version of Apple TV is now released. If you are a person who is interested in enjoying content at the comfort of your home with improved experiences, you can simply take a look at it. You will be fascinated by the bunch of cool and outstanding features that Apple TV can deliver to you. That’s where we thought of providing you with detailed information about all the newest features that come along with the Apple TV. If you are looking forward to getting your hands-on Apple TV or if you are already using Apple TV, it is worthy to take a look at these new features and go ahead with what you can experience.

The new Apple TV comes with an improved home screen 

Apple has taken steps to improve the home screen of Apple TV. You are now provided with a better version of the home screen. If you were familiar with the previous home screen, this would seem a bit odd to you. However, you shouldn’t worry about anything because you will eventually get used to it. You will also fall in love with the all great features that are made available to you on this new Apple TV home screen.

In the top row, you will be able to see that the icons are linked with a dock. In addition to that, the grid of Apple TV home screen is quite differentiated from the background. This can deliver an enhanced experience to you. 

Some of the apps that you can find in Apple TV home screen will provide additional information. You can see these additional pieces of information at the top of your screen. You just need to hover onto the icon, and you can see information being displayed at the top. For example, you can view popular and recommendations by hovering over apps like this.

The new operating system has also provided ability for auto play videos. The auto playing videos will be filling up the entire screen. Therefore, you will be able to get a better understanding about the videos. You are now provided with voice commands through Apple TV on the home screen as well. This can provide a superior assistance to you with making your life easy at the time of using it. For example, you will be able to watch full screen videos, swipe up on the remote and navigate across many features with the support of voice commands.

Apple arcade and the controller support 

Apple arcade is the gaming subscription service offered by Apple. It has now been released to the Apple TV. You will be able to play some of your most popular games with the help of this. Hot Lava, Oceanhorn 2, and Sayonara Wild Heart are some of the most prominent game titles that are available for you to play. In addition to that, you will be provided with gaming controller support. There aren’t any specific controllers designed for this. You will be able to purchase a wireless PlayStation 4 console or an Xbox One console. Then you will be able to pair the controller and play the games on Apple TV. This is a wise taken by Apple to deliver a whole new level of entertainment to the people who are using Apple TV. You will fall in love with this outstanding feature as well. 

When new games are available for download, Apple TV will be notifying you. Since the concept is new, you will only be able to find a small number of games. However, you can expect to find many other impressive games being released in the future.

Mutli-user support 

Multi-user support is a feature that should never be ignored when you are going through what is provided by the new Apple TV. When you press and hold down the TV button that you can find on your Apple TV remote, you will be able to see how a new control center menu is opening. You will be able to see this menu sliding from the right-hand side of the screen. This can be used to control and manage the user profiles. In addition to that, you will be able to get your hands on a large number of shortcuts as well. Some of the short-cuts that are available for you to consider include Air Play, Now Playing, Sleep and Search. These features can make the life easy for you and help you with saving a lot of time on a daily basis. Therefore, you will love to get your hands on them as well.

Other minor improvements 

We have discussed the most innovative and impressive new features that Apple TV introduced with the latest version. Along with these major improvements, we will be able to see how Apple has introduced some minor scale improvements as well.

One such minor improvement is the ability to get hold of song lyrics when playing a song with Apple Music. You will be able to see the lyrics of the song being displayed on your screen while it is being played. It is synced perfectly well, and you will be able to go through the content effectively. You have the ability to control the songs playlist easily with the help of your Apple TV remote control.

Another minor improvement that you will be able to discover in the new version of Apple TV is the picture in picture mode. With the help of picture in picture mode, you are now provided with the chance to shrink down the video and the position of it from the four corners of your screen. You will be able to do this and browse around for content. 

A large number of new screensavers have also been introduced to the new version of Apple TV. They can also help you to receive an impressive experience out of Apple TV at the end of the day.

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