FAU-G Teaser, India’s alternative to PUBG Mobile’s Teaser is in Town

PUBG is the popular battle royal game in the world as well as all over India. Due to some clashes between the two countries; China and India, they banned it in India. This was the most stressful shock for everyone who was used to playing PUBG Mobile in free time. Apart from it, the professionals also faced many issues. However, India is trying to replace this game with something patriotic. We can say that FAU-G is going to be the armed forces battle royals game for the Indians. Famous Bollywood star Akshay Kumar released a teaser, but he did not mention anything about the game. FAU-G is developed by Bengaluru-based nCore Game in collaboration with Kumar. When the government of India banned PUBG about a month ago, they announced to develop an alternative. Finally, the teaser is out now.

FAU-G, Fearless, and United Guards is the upcoming game that is based on the heroics of the Indian armed forces. Its teaser is out now and Akshay Kumar mentioned that

Today we celebrate the victory of good over evil, and what better day to celebrate our Fearless and United Guards, our FAU-G! On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, presenting the #FAUG teaser.


In the teaser, we can see the scene of conflict on hilly terrain, the armed forces against enemies. So, the players will take part in the missions. We can say that the game will show the war against China at the Galwan Valley border. So, we can watch these scenes in the teaser and can get an idea of what is going to be in the game. This teaser is of about 1-minute duration and at this time we can get a glimpse of the first level of FAU-G. The first level is based on the Galwan valley skirmishes between the two rivals China and India.

The co-founder of FAU-G, Vishal Gondal announced last month that the game will be released at the end of this month. This game is going to be released soon. They aim to get a total of 20 Crore users in a year. nCore co-founder, Vishal Gonadal also promised to give 20 percent of net revenues of the game to the government fundraising program Bharat Ka Veer. Mainly, this game was aimed to hit the patriotism of the people after the clashes and chaos of India with China. The government of India banned a long list of apps that were developed by China. In the meanwhile, the people refused to use Chinese products. In the heat of the moment, they got the idea to show more patriotism and decided to develop the FAU-G game.

However, there are some assumptions that Indian developers can not give good quality games. But, according to Vishal Gondal, they are going to prove the mentality of these people wrong and bring out the games that can compete with international games. He also mentioned that ‘’ Our team of developers are highly qualified and capable of developing games as good as PUBG Mobile or any other international games.’’


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