Faster, Safer and More Efficient – The Firefox 82 Enhanced!

Faster browsers better user experience. The Firefox 82 has enhanced some of its features including speed and safety. This improves efficiency and makes site visitors have a better surfing experience. The enhanced version is already available for downloads on the leading site stores in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a Windows, Linux or macOS user. The browser is available and compatible with all these operating systems. Check the release note at

Restructured – Better Delivery

In Aug 11, Mozilla announced its Mozilla Corporation restructuring which affected close to 250 employees. This move came months after the company had fired approximately 70 employees who had been rendered redundant thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. These layoffs meant the company only retained those it deemed fit to take the organization back to its glory.
Mozilla had massive plans before Covid-19 but the goals never materialized. The enhanced Firefox 82 came at the right time. With time, we will see whether this project will help the browser step up and beat more competitive ones like Chrome. At the moment, organizations are working day and night to stay competitive. This strategic launch meant the browser retains its current clients and attract more from other browsers.
Mozilla has had a number of versions and upgrades. However, the service provider has had a decline in the number of feature advancements on its browser. The major focus recently has been in improving the already existing features and not really come up with new ones. This shows how competitive the scene is becoming by day.


The Firefox 82 Enhancements

What are these enhancements recently launched? One notable gain is the boosted speed. The last thing you want to do is wait as browsers load before giving a results’ list or open up sites. Buffering can be so annoying sometimes. With the new advancements, the waiting time when searching for information will tremendously reduce.
Other than speed improvements, the Firefox 82 has improved its safety features. With the newer version, all malicious downloads will be blocked. Phishing, involuntary subscriptions and download of malicious content has been a major issue with most browsers. The downloaded items could cause your pc or mobile phone serious problems if not dealt with.
Well, this involuntary download of malicious content could now be a thing of the past. Timing is an important aspect of business. The move comes as good news to the users of this program but not really a major gain in business sense. It is important to note other browsers like Chrome has had this sorted out for the longest period.
According to reports, the new Firefox 82 Flexbox-based web layouts have been boosted to load quicker by 20%. In addition, session restoration is now faster by an impressive 17%. Clearly, these improvements will make a major difference in the lives of browsers. They may be good enhancements, but they come at a time where more competitive browsers are way faster and more secure. This means Mozilla still has some more work to do in terms of upgrades and enhancements if they want to stay competitive.

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