Everything to know about Apple Watch 5

Apple has gained prominence not only n Smartphones but in Smartwatches also. Apple started the journey with the launch of Apple watch 3 and then watch 4. This is the latest one of smartwatches but there are not many upgradations over Watch 4. The most prominent feature is the Always-on display and the price is not much high as compared to the older on. 

What’s new in Apple Watch 5

Quick Overview:

  • Apple Watch 5 is the most awaited watch ever Apple launched. It is the more advanced one with the added option of compass and emergency call service even in international traveling so far. The always-on display makes it easier to watch time without stressing even in the sunlight. Hence, this is the biggest feature of this watch. 
  • Well, the design of this Apple Watch 5 is the same as last year’s watch. Although, they have provided the Ceramic and Titanium options for the watch ranges of 40mm and 44mm. The different size is dependent on the size of your wrist. Overall the new addition of these strips looks elegant. 
  • The fitness option still presents in this Apple Watch 5 and still in the same version. There is no improvement in inefficiency. The health tracker gives Heart rate calculation, ECG monitoring, and heart health monitoring. The GPS trackers are quite accurate in it.  
  • The Apple Watch 5 has a new Compass app and hardware. The new compass has the needle that points true to the North and exactly shows where you’re going. It is seeming of no benefit in 2019 but it is still useful for the people who travel in big cities and even take the subways to reach the destination. It is also best for the people who love hiking and twill show them the exact path of their destination. Moreover, it will not only show the direction also tells the altitude, elevation, and latitude. 
  • The Music and Podcast playback option is quite strong and one more thing the space of this watch has increased. The last year’s Apple Watch had space of 16 GB and in this Apple Watch 5, it has upgraded to 32 GB. So, cheer up you can add more Apple music and iTunes in your watch. 


Always On Display:

This is the rocking feature of Apple Watch 5 and this is quite amazing. It is really hard to move up your wrist to watch time. Just imagine the ultimate bright display even in the bright sunlight. Well, this is something to appeal to people about Apple Watch 5. You will enjoy when you will just look and know the time without stressing your muscles. It is a regular watch that helps you to watch time easily. 


Release Date and Price:

The Apple Watch 5 was launched with the iPhone 11 series on September 10, and like all the phones it was available for sale in September. They also introduced the Nike edition which became available to people on 4 October. As far as the models’ concern there are two watches on the behalf of thickness one is 40mm another is 44mm. The price of both watches is different. The watch of 40mm is $399 and it is smaller. While the big one 44mm is $429. This is the starting price and it is available in the range of $529. Those who carry iPhone do not need the LET anymore so the 40mm will be better. But 44mm provides an improved battery life and a larger touch screen. 



This upgrade seems weird to work in 2019. But, it is still useful for many purposes. Well, this is the hardware upgrade. They have installed a compass inside the hardware of the watch. This helps you to locate the exact destination and also tells the direction where you are going. It uses the GPS tracker to give the alert about elevation, altitude, or latitude. It will be more good for all the hikers. 



There are not many upgradations about fitness, you will get the same heart health tracker. But, one thing is added and it is cycle tracking. It is best for women as they can set up their periods’ date and it will monitor all the days. You will get the notification near your periods’ date. Quite good. You just need to tap the date when your periods start and then it will automatically inform you about your upcoming periods. It not only gives alerts about the periods’ cycle also monitors the sexual activity. In this way, it helps you to check your fertility condition. 


Battery Life:

Battery life is the man thing people concerned about while purchasing a smartphone or a smartwatch. So, it is the main point to note about Apple Watch 5. Apple claimed to give the 18 hours of battery life when it is fully charged. They are improving t every year with the new smartwatch or smartphone. Apple Watch 5 gives the battery life of 18 hours on fully charged even you are doing the exercise or heavy workout or using the GPS continuously. But it does not mean that it is perfect because many rivals are giving more battery timing. Just think if a hiker needs the battery for the whole day then what he will do? So, Apple needs to improve its battery life to a full day. 




More Storage Poor Battery Life
Always-On Display Slightly Smaller Screen
No need to Raise or Flick Your wrist Always-On display too bright at Night

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