Esports as a Career

Electronic sport involves competing using video games. The game began as a hobby in the early 1990’s but steadily became a recognized sport in the world. When it comes to e-sports, you have the option of playing or supporting as a fan. E-sports has seen substantial growth in the number of players and supporters in the past decade. This increase in competitive players makes the sport more interesting.


What makes E-sports popular

Esports gives you an opportunity to play with opponents from the world over. The game is so addictive. The urge to win is what inspires players to keep on competing. Esports allow playing in the comfort of your home. All you need is the right sporting gear and strong internet connection.

E-sport is a luxurious career right now. The pay is hefty not to mention other benefits you gain. As much as you need to train well in order to win games, you do not need to be as fit as contact game players. That is why most people engage in this sport. Although, different e-game players do it for various reasons. 

It takes years of gaming to get to the pro level. Different levels pay different wages. Besides, various sports expose a player to different competitions. 


How to be an E-sport player

E-sport has minimum requirements when it comes to joining. Like any other sport, you need hours of practice and competing to become a pro. Determination is also critical.

The first step to being an Esports player is settling on a single game. You have to specialize to be able to sustain your gaming career. Then, choose a gaming platform. sign up and your career is ready to start.

Just like on-field games, you need to train hard. Hard work is not sufficient. You have to learn Esports techniques that will win you games and money. This you will do online during your training sessions. As an online gamer, you need shear discipline and commitment.

To stick to the course, you may choose to look for an esports coach. Finding the best may take time. Commitment will get you one. You have to be consistent with your wins to get to the top of the league. Keep in mind you are competing in a pool of skilled and gifted egamers.

During your Esport career, communication is critical. Keep in touch with other players. Being part of a team is an easy way to grow and be more competitive. From these players, you will improve technically and tactically. With the right tools at your exposure, practice will fine-tune you into a great Esport player.

Summer camps are regularly conducted for Esport players. Ensure you do not miss any. Through such exposures, esports players learn and grow. Be part of the growth. 

Chances of your esports career flourishing as an individual are slim compared to when you are part of a team. Teamwork has a way of building individuals into fine competitors. It is also a chance to grow your experience and portfolio.

Once you have a team, it is now time to join an Esports league. Gaming leagues are very competitive. Besides, you need to be at your best to maintain your position in the team you joined.   


Other Esport Careers

Playing is not the only position you may take as far as Esports is concerned. Esports journalism, hosting, and coaching is other great opportunities to take up. Games are played every other time. This means, there is a need for referees. That is another opportunity for you.

Esports games require a high level of organization skills. You can rise up to the role of an organizer. Social media and event managers are also needed in a special kind of sports. You may also take the responsibility of a team’s or player agent, sponsor or be a streamer.

In conclusion, esports has great opportunities other than playing. There is so much that goes behind the scenes other than players and referees’ activities during games.


How to be successful e-sport player

E-sports also has rules that must be adhered to just like any other sport. The players need to maintain the discipline to achieve their goals. Below are hacks to becoming champions.


  • Participation in online tourneys

Once you join a team, things start to fall in place. As long as you are a team player, the rest is easy and doable. Online tournament participation wins you money, recognition and trophies. This adds to your achievements and builds up your confidence.

As time goes by, your competitive advantage skyrockets. Your teams need you more and that only makes your paycheck better. Riches follow.


  • Attend competitions even when not playing

Experience comes in different ways. Sometimes you just have to attend competitions you are not participating. Many esports tournaments can be accessed remotely using your pc. Do not let that chance slip you.


  • Stay online

Your online presence levels affect your level of success. To be successful online you have to be present all the time. More time online means you miss nothing.

Online presence also allows you to train. More training time translates to a higher winning rate. This improves your profile and earns your team more points. Sponsors lookout for the most profitable outfit. You can, therefore, be sure to land the most lucrative deals henceforth.

Social media is an important tool for esports participants. Post your wins and all your gaming activities. This way, you build your profile even more. You don’t know who will be interested.


  • Offline sports

Esports does not mean you switch off online. Remember egaming is just an online version of offline games. You need to conceptualize art in order to flourish online. This you can do if you engage offline.

We’ve seen many great online gamers meet with their fellow successful offline players. There is a great link between these two types of sports. Although some things vary, there is a lot of common ground between the two.

There is a myth that online gamers do not require physical exercise. After all, their games are played online with no physical contact required. I mean, it’s all in the head. That is not true.

Esports players require physical activity too. You need to be fit in order to be competitive. Concentration will evade you if your BMI is off balance. Besides, fitness allows you to stay online for hours without feeling exhausted.


Countries behind Esports’ success

  • South Korea

South Korea is the mother of Esports. It happens to be the country with one of the most talented esports players the world has ever produced. This is not a coincidence.

There are sponsors who have put billions of their money in investments to this sport. The angel investors’ money has seen Esports infrastructure set up and running. This has seen upcoming esports players thrive and make a fortune out of the game.

Some of the famous South Korean Esport stars include; Fake, Bang, and Wolf. These skilled gamers are behind the success of games like League of Legends. They have earned South Korea a name in the esports world.


  • China

China is another esports supporting nation. It is highly ranked in the esports industry. China, like South Korea, has also registered quite a number of talented esports players. Their esports stars are gifted technically and are highly competitive.

In the beginning, the growing nation opposed competitive gaming. With time, they realized that was an idea whose time had come. To that effect, they turned on their support mode. In fact, an Esports town was established in Hangzhou. This has allowed the sport to take route in China. 


  • USA

This superpower is a notable participant in the Esport industry. It looks like she cannot miss out on anything. In fact, the USA is one of the few nations in the world able to have fielded players in every game ever played by humankind.

USA has incredible gamers are Ninja, Universe, Sneaky, and Fear. These household names have aided in the popularization and success of Esports. Unsurprisingly, the highest-earning Esport players come from the great USA. 


  • Germany

Perhaps you’ve heard of Fata. The German Esports player is one of the many talents representing Germany in the world of Esports. Most of the German players boast of tactical ability and experience. This gives them a hand over their opponents.

As an Esport player, you do not want to face a German team. Although others like South Korea and China offer the deadliest teams, German-based online players are also competitive. 


  • Sweden

Considered an underdog by many, Sweden is lethal on a good day. It’s Esport players too put up great displays when needed to. Playing against Swedish players can be hard sometimes. Although, preparing well equips you with the competitiveness needed to face any competitor worldwide.


  • Brazil

It is not shocking to see Brazil on this list. Although not a first world country, Brazil remains some of the few gifted countries sports-wise. Literally everybody in Brazil is born with a sports talent. The difference is some pursue while others don’t.

On matters Esports, Brazilian players are good too. Finding an opponent or a team from Brazil is not a bad idea.  


The future of E-sport


There is a lot about the future of Esport to be happy about. The growing number of players, sponsors, coaches and other participants is a sign of greater things to come. More games too are coming up and this is an opportunity for Esport participants to take up. Below are specifics to smile about Esports.


  • More fans

It is beyond doubt that more people are getting into the game. The sport is earning more supporters every day. With every tournament, you can notably see an increase in the number of fans. As time goes by, you expect to see more fans come in.


  • E-sports’ introduction in schools

As I write this, there is a number of Esport courses already introduced in University programs. This is a sign of a system ready to adopt the young idea. This means mass education is taking place. Esports is getting the right recognition as students get informed of the green pasture. 


  • E-sports’ profitability

Esports can earn you as much as $15,000 a game as at now. That is for pros. Regular players may make about $4,000 a week. Compared to other sports and activities, the game is lagging behind a bit.

The future is bright. As more investors come in, the value of games grow. Besides, more fans are learning of the game and this will likely improve the earnings of Esport participants. 


  • More Tournaments

Already, there are Esport tournaments. The future holds more of these. Esports’ entry to the Olympics is also on the cards. Basically, we will see and hear more of Esports going forward. For the participants, this will be a great source of revenue.


Challenges of E-sports


  • Addiction

Esports can be so addictive. Addiction takes away family time and opportunities to grow as an individual. Remember, you need to put in hours of practice to be a pro. The good thing is you enjoy the games. Once addiction sets in, you will be unable to balance your life and career. 

  • Injuries

Your career involves hours on the screen. This puts your eyes at risk. You risk impairing your vision in the long run. Eye problems can be stressful.

Esports may also mean hours of sitting. Gaming while seated using the wring posture may harm your back and spine. This is hazardous in the long run. Using the right posture will help you avoid backaches. Besides, regular exercise will protect you. 


  • Relatively low income

E-sport players do not enjoy hefty pays like their counterparts in offline sports. The growing sport is still work in progress when it comes to compensation. The good thing is the future is bright.



E-sport is taking shape as a career. There are opportunities to take up both as an individual and as a team. Discipline, practice, and determination is the key to success.

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