Edward Snowden got Permanent Russian Residency Rights

We all have heard about Edward Snowden, the famous American whistleblower. His Lawyer added on Thursday that Russia has offered him permanent residency rights. It is an open offer for him whether he wants Russian citizenship or not. Edward Joseph Snowden 37, leaked and copied the highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013. He did this during his Central Intelligence Agency job. After leaking the vast domestic and international surveillance operations and other high-class secrets of the nation, he got asylum in Russia.

We are not sure about him. Many of us call him a whistleblower and traitors. While there are others who remember him as a hero and a patriot. Overall, people are used to knowing him as a traitor. In the books of U.S officials, he is a traitor who damaged the U.S intelligence capabilities. In the reaction of U.S officials’ claims, he added that ‘’ this is the effort to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them.’’ while his leak information raised serious debates over government secrecy and mass surveillance. He disturbed the balance between information privacy and national security.

Anyone can imagine how badly the U.S government has been wanting him for years. They wanted him to return and face the criminal trial on espionage charges brought in 2013. His residency permit in Russia was about to expire so he requested to extend it. His lawyer Anatoly Kucherena explained this to Reuters. Like everyone, they also faced coronavirus disturbance issues. So, the process was delayed more than usual. However, on Thursday he announced that “We submitted the documents in April and we got the permanent residency rights.’’ They requested a three-year extension of his Russian residency. Snowden was allowed to apply for the Russian permanent residency request due to the alterations in Russia’s immigration laws made in 2019.

Kucherena told TASS news agency separately that Edward Snowden wasn’t even thinking to apply for a Russian passport. On the other hand, U.S president Donald Trump was considering the pardon of Edward Snowden in August. We did not hear a lot about Russia from Snowden because he is used to keeping a low profile. Well, he praised the natural beauty of Russia and the warmth of residents of Russia. During the use of social media, he was used to criticizing government policy from time to time.

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